Posted by: dreymer | December 20, 2006


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Once upon a time, when I used to watch Cantonese drama serial on the idiot box, I would sometimes critisize the unbelievable storyline scriptwriters can come up with. For instance, Hong Kong is so tiny that… the cheating hubby dines with his mistress at a restaurant and wham! Pure coincidence, lou poh’s most nosy and bitchy girlfriends happen to be dining there as well. And it had to be that group of ferocious ladies with poisonous bites and barks. Out of the thousands of eateries in HK, everyone had to be at the same time, same place.

But then it is a drama series, so you just have to get it as dramatic as possible. It’s often so far-fetched that I’ll end up rolling my eyes and go, “yeah right!” Are these scriptwriters trying to fool us?  Is HK really, really that small?

You know what? Apparently it is.

Ms Wong is holidaying in HK and guess who she bumps into? HH! He was back enroute from California and he happen to stay at the same hotel as she is! And yes, they had to bump into each other at the hotel at the right place and at the right time. The best part is, they didn’t even tell each other that they’ll be in HK at all. The worst part is, they are having tons of fun and SMS-ing me about it. Bah!

So yes, HK is REALLY that small 🙂

And I miss my best friend 😦



  1. Have a truly merry Christmas!

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