Posted by: dreymer | December 26, 2006

Double K’s

It has been years since I last sank my teeth in a Krispy Kreme Original Glaze. Mmm.. this is how heaven must taste like. Although it isn’t the same when you get it fresh from the shop but beggars can’t be choosers. Mils got this for us from Sydney.

Every bite brings me back to the good ol’ student days in Fresno. Our American ‘mamak’.

Since the Missus missed the cheese-baked rice at Kim Gary’s, we stopped by for ‘appetizer’. The last time I was there it was during the Barkers stay in KL.  I’m not a big fan of Kim Gary’s but their lai-cha is great!

to be continued… dinner with the Barkers and meeting Mooiness for the first time…



  1. Heh. I like the Photoshop on the “Orgasmic”.

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