Posted by: dreymer | December 29, 2006

Meet The Barkers


Elv, Ms Wong and I organized dinner at (one of our favourite restaurants) Green Lotus with the Fresnoians and Mil’s kakis. We had our own private room and actually, sitting on the floor with super soft cushions isn’t at all comfy. Met Mooiness for the first time as well. I was expecting someone with strong Aussie accent but surprisingly, he’s so Malaysian! YaY! He beat me to blogging about our night faster than I could even upload pics from my cam to the web!

Justin, Elvin and Marcus. Sen Hon, Stanly and Simon

dsc00824.JPG dsc00825.JPG

We wanted to have ice-cream at Lecka Lecka but as usual, it was packed. While we stood around to think where to head next…

 It felt like Christmas at the Starhill Gallery. Most of us just started clicking away like crazy… just like these two tourists. Tsk. So busy with their cameras… I tell ya, bloggers… are so fricking annoying. LOL.

dsc00837.JPG dsc00835.JPG 

I was taking a couple of candid shots of the gang. Am curious what Ms Wong and Scuba Boy is talking about. Hmm.. then later, Ms Wong was inspecting her dress. Looks like Elv decides to join in the conversation. Naughty naughty.

dsc008411.JPG dsc008422.JPG


Along Heritage Row, guess what I spotted. A bar called Goa! We didn’t step in but I wondered how it’s like. Whatever it is, I will not trust a British review on it (joke). Thirsty and tired… we headed off to bed.


Since it was super packed and there were no beds(!), we decided to just chill outside and get served by an evil elf. He really had pointy ears!

dsc00853.JPG dsc00857.JPG

dsc00858.JPG dsc00867.JPG

dsc00854.JPG dsc00860.JPG

 And then for supper… yummy, a hot plate of maggi goreng telur mata kerbau!




  1. somoene photoshopped my big fat arms!

    love you long time!


    I forgot to thank you for organizing dinner,it was great – I wouldnt be able to organise it by myself.U da best…love you longer time!

  2. you’re welcome. you’ve always been the disorganized one anyway so it’s pretty much understood. haa!

    love you longest time.

  3. Was a good night out! Thanks for organising! 🙂

  4. Wow. Looks like a great night out!

    Happy new year, Dreymer.

  5. Wondering what Scuba Boy and Ms Wong were talking about? Hmm…was commenting on how transparent Ms Wong’s dress was and that I could see her panties. LOL. Joking.

    Actually, my ciggie brushed up against her dress and I was asking her if there was any burn on her couture. Oops! Sorry….

    Anyway Dreymer, thanks for a fab night at Green Lotus. Great food, great company and great apple mint juice.

    Happy New Year babe!

  6. Mooiness: You’re welcome! I’m glad you had a good time.

    anttyk: It was! We had a fantastic time. HNY to you too.

    Sen Hon: Wah.. I didn’t know you were such a fashion critic.. Looking for that visible panty line is it? Hee hee. So glad you were there to join us! HNY to youuuu 🙂

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