Posted by: dreymer | January 1, 2007

Striving Forward to 2007

This was what I wrote on 28th December 2005 on what was coming up for me in 2006. One year has passed, let’s see how 2006 went for me:

Looking back at 2006

career: alot have been in stored for me. with my new role, *hopefully* a better, brighter career path.

(1st Jan 07 Comments – So far so good.)

money: i need more! ……… to save, to pay for my new toy and to travel.

(1st Jan 07 Comments – Got the car, got to travel, also got a new cellphone! No comments on the savings part. Hee hee.)

love: never wanna lose it.

(1st Jan 07 Comments – ‘Never’ may be too strong a word. )

friends/family: mili’s getting married. jasmine’s baby is due.

(1st Jan 07 Comments – Mil’s got married, Jasmine’s baby is a cutie. And after 10+ years, the girls finally went on a holiday together. We survived – No casualties, no bloody dagger. Rekindled friendship with the one from afar.)

self: to be less selfish and self-centered. to be socially responsible. to continue with our {lunabliss} business in street markets and diversify our products. there’s alot lot lot more to self-improve. i don’t think this blog space is sufficient and certain things i rather keep to myself.

(1st Jan 07 Comments – To be socially responsible – I fed a stray kitten when I got home from NYE celebration. I gave her ham. )

travel: (in no particular order) kota kinabalu, bangkok, hong kong or tokyo, new york, toronto

(1st Jan 07 Comments – Did HK. A couple of cuti-cuti Malaysia. And who would have thought India would come up?)


Striving forward to 2007!

Career: Looking forward to more challenges, more opportunities. I’m patiently waiting for that big break.

Money: I want more. That sounds like a good enough motivation.

Love: ‘Focus on the journey, not the destination’

Friends/Family: Jasmine’s #2 is due in April! Hoping that +2 and her other 1/2 will visit us in Malaysia. HH’s moving back to KL.

Self: To be less guarded. To get out of my comfort zone once in a while. To lose 5kgs (tough!)

Travel: To achieve any of these destinations – Phuket, Mt Kinabalu, Cali + Vegas + NYC, Australia

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 EVERYBODYYYYY!! I’m so looking forward to this year. I don’t know why but a couple of days ago I wasn’t feeling particularly excited about ushering in 2007. But now… I have a feeling it’ll be a great, fantabulous year! It’s just a feeling but a strong one. Pinch me!

Here’s a video of the fireworks over at a friend’s apartment in Mont Kiara. Beautiful.



  1. Here’s to a great 2007! *hic*

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