Posted by: dreymer | January 3, 2007

The Christmas Log

Every Christmas, I have a stamp on my forehead to make nothing else but my signature mashed potatoes. This year, I thought I’d break away from tradition and make a dessert instead. Oh, I was still summoned to whip the spuds but assembling a Christmas log cake was more fun.

Making a log cake is really simple. All you need is two swiss rolls and since I’m always searching out for short cuts, I got these ‘home made’ cakes from the Mont Kiara street market. One choco, one pandan.


Used frosting to hold the pieces together. Mine was a mutated log.

dsc00894.JPG dsc00895.JPG

Using a fork, I made mock bark ridges. And the rest… was just to plant the plastic toys on to the cake. Mine was special, we had two Santa Clauses.dsc00899.JPG dsc00308.JPG

A deer surrounded by coloured pebbles; A snowman with hollies.

dsc00307.JPG dsc003061.JPG

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… the end product:




  1. shit that actually looks good enough to sell..

  2. 🙂 would you like to pre-order for christmas 2007? actually, a CNY log can be quite cute too. wanna??

  3. Wow! You sure you’re not a professionally trained chef?

  4. Cheater:)

  5. Will add the word “log” to your forehead. Looks too damn yummy to eat…

  6. You know, I never understood Christmas Log cakes….a cake in a shape of a log….a log…..A LOG?? wtf? Don’t get me wrong, Dreyster, it looks incredible. But who the hell thought of making a cake look like a log???? Did someone, at one point in some medieval archaic era, actually get up and say “Hey, for Christmas, lets eat a log!”? Do logs have a some sort of appetizing appeal to anyone if it didn’t have Santa(s) sitting on them?

    Weird….. Nice work Dreyster! I’d definitely buy one if it were for sale. 🙂 not joking!

  7. anttyk: i’m a professionally trained con-artist

    Will: Bleh 😛

    atti: Just cut a few slices of swiss roll and dip in frosting. Easy!

    Sen Hon: A log is a symbol of life. Imagine this, you are stuck in winter, snow everywhere, you are gonna freeze to death. How do you stay warm? You need logs to burn right? That’s the spirit of Christmas — a symbol of birth and of life. Now, you know why log cakes are such an important symbol during Christmas.

  8. Ooooh. I GET! I GET!

    Cold > Death

    Log > Fire > Yummy!

    Next Christmas, I make cake in shape of mushroom cloud from bombing of Hiroshima. Mmmmmm ………. waaaaarrrmmmmm……..

    Bleh 😛

    A bit braindead from being in slow, slow KK.

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