Posted by: dreymer | January 5, 2007


is the the day I screwed up completely. I didn’t mean to hurt her 😦 What’s most upsetting is she doesn’t say anything at all and I’m sure she isn’t planning to. Her silence is a killer and it feels like I’ve died a  thousand deaths.

“I’m sorry.” I SMS-ed.

The wait for her reply was nerve-wrecking. I can’t believe it but I actually longed for that good, long scolding which I deserve. I just needed that someone to tell me off and she was the PERFECT person to do so. I guess, the only person I would actually listen to. When I finally got her reply, I was torn down with tons of guilt. So heavy that I myself couldn’t bare the weight of such vice. It is time to stop my nonsense.

And I will because I’m willing.



  1. ok i scold you now ya

    “bad bad girl! Don’t be so notty next time! Be nice to animals! Be nice to men! Be nice to enemies! Be zen!Next time I catch you with your nonsense I will throw you away to the lions and let them tear your lungs away!”

    “Ok,now be a good girl and fetch me my slippers”

    Feeling better?

  2. Don’t scold me! 😦

  3. when U told me I was thinking gosh.. “sei lor sei lor” but then something funny hit me.. not like as though she caught u in bed with your neighbour’s husband.. kekeke.. Well, screw it. I promise I won’t mention infront of you..k…

  4. Cheer up… 🙂

  5. Chimp: Have you seen my neighbour’s husbands???

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