Posted by: dreymer | January 6, 2007

Meet The Barkers (Epi 2)

It’s Meet the Barkers Episode 2. 

Our location: Leo’s in Taipan. A new cafe right opposite Coffee Bean & Leaf.

Time: Just pass midnight, Christmas morning.

The lovely couple 


Guess who was back as well? Mandy! Here are the M’s


Mandy and I were planning for a trip to Leeds in 2008 (fingers crossed). Mili said she’ll plant me my favourite lilies if I made it there. And a big vege farm too. You promised!


Simon & Elv


And then it was time for the gift exchange. Sheryl and I were shopping for The Barkers and Elv for a couple weeks. We hope you like what we’ve picked for you. As for both of us, we were wearing what we got! We just couldn’t wait.

Look at my bright pair of red shoes! I love it I love it! And Ms Wong got an itsy-bitsy one. Time for the beach, babes!

p4241126.JPG dsc00321.JPG 

We got Mili a scarf (not pictured) and for Simon — since he’s sucha wonderful cook and husband, we got him some cheats! Packet ready-made sauce for easy, convenient cooking. We also individually packed it according to cuisine with choice of beverage and dessert. Separated into 7 packets for every day of the week. It’s Friday – so it’s BKT tonight. I should know, I fixed their dinner packets 🙂



Guess we won’t know what we got Elv because this poor guy was struggling with the ribbon. So slow! Haa.. Ms Wong is amazing. She told us she didn’t have time to wrap the presents up with paper. Instead she sewed baggies for us!

A checkered bag for the checkered shirt guy. I don’t know if that was deliberate, Elv! 🙂

It was a fun Christmas morning. Wish we could do this every morning. Hee hee.



  1. This line got me thinking… Ms Wong’s got a what?

    Haha. Sorry. Don’t mind me.

  2. give me a break. it was 2am 🙂

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