Posted by: dreymer | January 7, 2007



Me: Gil! Thanks so much for the gift. I really like the cellphone thinghy..

Gil: No problem. Hey… and you know my spelling is terrible right..

Me: Umm.. yeah?

Gil: When I was selecting the letters..  I don’t know whether Audrey is with an A or O. Hahaha..


Ordrey. Nahhh… looks too weird.



  1. That’s a nice thingy.

  2. yups. i think so too!

  3. what ordrey..its oily

  4. Better than ‘pretty’. Only Cinabengs will call me Oily. Haaaahahaaaaa

  5. HAHA! good one, I knew you would blog abt it.

  6. coz she’s so funny in a sotong way

  7. fooyoooh

    so strong the sarcastic radar hari ini…

    clap clap

  8. yeah.. sharp as a razor, man!!! better not step on my tail.

  9. *runs and hides under table, quivering with fear*

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