Posted by: dreymer | January 15, 2007

NYE 2006

I know! Shh.. don’t say it! This is a summary of NYE 2006.

Dinner at Dragon-i, Centerpoint for Shanghainese food.

L-R Clockwise: Mushroom dumpling, custard bun (I love!), siew loong pao and Scallion pancake.



I-Zen at Mont Kiara

And it started here.. while waiting for the lift, Gerry whips up the camera…

I counter-attacked and this is what I got: a sexy Martha Stewart bbq-ing dogs. Nah, did not attempt to test the food. Hygiene was questionable. Hee hee 😉


I missed the countdown because I was in the midst of peeing in the restroom. Ah, I guess I pretty much missed the whole point of celebrating NYE. But I got out in time to watch the fireworks which was blasting right in front of us. Beautiful.

Jil and Gerry mersmerized



And more pics over at my multiply album for friends only.



  1. Mmmm… I love siew lung paos.

    Eh, there’s a curious security guard in two of your pics. Or is it me… 0_O

  2. anttyk: me too me too. very hard to find good ones though. any recommendation?

    hehe.. yeah he’s a curious george.

  3. I think the best siew lung paos in KL will be the ones at Dragon-i.

  4. imbi palace and the chinese restaurant at chulan sq have nice siu lung paos too!!

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