Posted by: dreymer | January 30, 2007


“What kinda reasoning is that?! One thing I can’t stand is excuses!”

She spat, throwing down her chopsticks in her bowl of noodle and soup. Her non-gentle gesture indicated slight disgust, slight frustration. I looked down at my own lunch, fiddled my chopsticks in the bowl of cilipadi. I preoccupied my thoughts by removing the seeds from the tiny chilli sockets like it was the most important task in the world. Finally I mumbled unwillingly, “well, you know.. sometimes they think it’s the best solution kua…”

Mistake. Now I got her all heated up and she started rambling on and on.

“You see, my dear.. it’s like someone telling you this when.. let’s say, you’re applying for a job!”

I looked at her quizzically. A job for comparison?

She sat up, tidied up her shirt, gave me her serious face and started to mimic someone from HR.

“Oh.. Miss XXXX. Thanks for applying for this position. Although we see alot of potential in you and appreciate your willingness to relocate but it’s not.. umm.. possible. However, we’re sure that the next company you apply for would be very lucky to employ you.”

Bitch. I understood what she was getting at. I sighed. I looked away.

I knew she was still staring at me with her beady eyes so I returned her stare. Lips pout. Eyes blink blink. Ten seconds later, I chuckled because I knew I’ve allowed myself to be blinded. I laughed because it was a ridiculous comparison but funny at the same time. 

She smiled back at me. “Ok la.. come, let’s get going…”



  1. should be filed under teaser…

  2. great. if you don’t understand, nobody will 🙂

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