Posted by: dreymer | February 8, 2007


HH has been pestering me for the longest time to join the cult aka play WoW (World of Warcraft). I told him that I will only start if he gets me a new laptop, if other people I know joins in as well etc etc. Basically, I was being difficult. It’s just really fun declining and he would come up with ways to lure me to the dark side. He even tried to entice me with graphics, but failed pitifully:

[17:23] EiRick: check my portrait
[17:23] EiRick:
that’s how i look like in World of Warcraft
[17:23] dreymer:
i can’t see la
[17:24] dreymer: they block me from seeing anything ugly
[17:24] dreymer: hahahaha
[17:24] EiRick: sheeesssssh
[17:24] dreymer:
fua hua hua



  1. Does he reads your blog?? 😀

  2. LOL.

  3. penangkia: i doubt he does.. which is good, so i can write about him more. but don’t you sabo.

  4. i wanna sabo u too
    kesian memalufy him here.lolz!

    but he also bekside itchy.

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