Posted by: dreymer | February 10, 2007


This is what happens when you are using a mouse and have got your touchpad enabled as well. Sometimes your cursor repositions itself without you realizing it and there you go; jumbled up sentences. Maybe this is how it all started for Yoda. (Haha, my desperate attempt for instant fame.)

[15:17] (C): u like that?
[15:19] dreymer: yes
[15:20] dreymer: it’s so song sad the
[15:20] dreymer: oops
[15:20] dreymer: sad song

[15:20] (C): heheh
[15:20] (C): yeahh

[15:20] (C): i tot u speaking to me in Yodalish
[15:20] dreymer: shuddap! hah



  1. I hope your boss doesn’t read your blog as well… all your messages are during working hours… haha!

  2. wei penangkai, i never put the date also.

  3. I hope Penang Kia isn’t offended that he’s referred to a Penang Chicken!

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