Posted by: dreymer | February 14, 2007

S.A.D. – Singles Awareness Day

Also known as.. Valentine’s Day.

Mom: Are you coming back for dinner tonight?

Dreymer: Yessss.. why? Are you cooking?

Mom: Umm.. eh, you do know that it’s Valentine’s Day tonight or not?

Dreymer: Oh yah horrr….. umm… so what’s for dinner?

I didn’t quite forget that it’s the dreaded V-day today. I was woken up by SMS-es at ungodly hours wishing me happy Val’s. Not an invitation to go out but just to wish. How very, very nice and thoughtful. SMS very cheap now is it?! Basket.

This is my first year not celebrating V-day. After a couple of years of being attached and always having a plan for the 14th, so this is how it feels like to be single! Ahh.. so desu ne! Don’t worry, I am not going to lash out any anger or jealousy or burn down any building ala Stephen King’s Carrie. I’ve always liked V-day no matter how many times I’ve heard others comment that it’s ‘overrated’, ‘commercialized’, ‘V-day should be everyday’ blah blah blah. You can say all you want but if your gf or bf did something special for you today, you’ll love it, wouldn’t you? V-day is so cheesy! NICE!

Don’t get me wrong, media planners! I am probably the worst person to target for such ‘gimmick’ because I believe that V-day is supposed to be SIMPLE. I think that to achieve simplicity, it takes more thought and effort. It shouldn’t be a day planned by chefs or a chocolate marketing team.

Simple can be easy if you remember why you are with her in the first place. Once you’ve established the reason, whatever you say… whatever you do… how you look at her in the eyes would all come out naturally. If she’s particularly meticulous and has that attention to details, the emotional connection is more than money can buy. Even a Titanium card has its limits.

Some people would like to get a Prada. Some people wouldn’t mind appearing front page with 999 roses. Some silly girls like me just like to be reminded why we love and why we are loved. This sentimental trait in me will kill me one day but hey, I love the giddiness of being in love.

Oh gosh. I think I’ve just said out loud that I’ll make an el-cheapo date. *gulp*

Happy V!



  1. no, it actually means u’ll make a good date for a lifetime. not elcheapo ^_~ happy VD drey!

  2. will date u anytime babes…come tonite starbucks, i’ll buy u drinks :>

  3. awwww I will date u anytime too! One year we must get away to a hotel for V day…I will order in for a hunk to wheel in a dim sum trolley for you in bed! Start thinking of what sort you want!

  4. See right, even girls who say VD is not important, “no need to waste money la” but they still like the thoughts and cheesy romance that go with it. Which I can understand.

    And I think because everything else has been done to death, simple IS the way to go.

    As for being a cheap date, I would if I could … but damn it, I’m in Perth! 😀

  5. midnite lily: haha!! thanks! have a great one in sydney!

    gerry: what’s so special about that? we have starbucks all the time. i want hongkong coffeeeee 😉

    sourrain: you wanna get away with your GFs for VD? what about your hubby?! 🙂 dimsum guy must just have wear an apron and nothing else k? haaaaa

    mooiness: so yeah, don’t quite believe it when people say that don’t want to celebrate VD. it’s ok. you can owe me one cheap date!

  6. […] could have kept it simple, and you could have had a role-reversal. You could be on the couch now watching “Love […]

  7. why not i get away with u girls for VD and then send husband in with dimsum tray?That way everyone happy..but we’ll prolly not be able to eat the dimsum if HE wheels it in with only an apron

    thinking of it is putting me off food…eew

  8. yes yes cheesiness is NICE! however, on this day in particular, i feel AMAZING although hubby and i are NOT doing anything romantic & cheesy. Why? Because I feel as though i am SINGLE! hmm ok i am married, and very pregnant now..but heck, i still feel sexy which is kinda weird LOL It’s fun! I enjoyed the entertaining scenes around me..heheeh and secretly reminiscene those good days…and i know when i get home, dear hubby will be there for me loving me more than the first day we fell in love 🙂
    enjoy singlehood as much as you can before it’s taken away…happy v-day drey *hugs*

  9. I have never liked Valentine’s. Maybe it’s because of my previous experiences. My ex, with whom I had a six-year relationship, and I broke up on Valentine’s.

  10. sourrain: *gulp* you’re right. i think you’ve just spoiled the fantasy. hahahaha

    vonne: i’m glad you had fun. it’s a good thing! i love to reminisce the good times and i think you are like me, very sentimental. never want to escape a chance of treasuring the people around us.

    anttyk: but you are with a very special lady right now… blessing in disguise?

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