Posted by: dreymer | February 26, 2007

Instant noodles with a pinch of effort

Since Mili started her cooking class on her blog, I thought I’d contribute something. If you know me very well, I don’t pick up the wok and chopping board unless I have to save the world from starvation (wow, such exageration). I decided to cook lunch for my family on Saturday and it was an easy 20 mins to prepare and cook. I’m such an amateur… it just felt like I was a student again in the US whipping up a hot, decent meal.

Instant noodles with a pinch of effort

First, blanch wan tan meen (thin yellow noodles) in hot water until slightly soft.

Marinate slices of chicken breast with soya sauce, salt and pepper. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Remove prawn veins and head but leave its tail intact.

Add in oil and immediately stir in blended ginger and garlic. You don’t want to add the mixture in when the oil is hot if not they’ll turn brown very quickly. I usually like to fry the prawns first until 3/4 cooked and remove from the wok. I don’t like the prawns to be overcooked.


Add in the sliced chicken and cook until slightly brown. Then throw in chopped cabbage and two teaspoons of chicken granules. Since I like to have some sauce in the noodles, pour hot water into the wok and let it simmer. For taste, add in magic sauce i.e. oyster sauce. After that, you can stir in your noodles and the prawns. The starch from the noodles will thicken the sauce. For colour, add some thick black soya sauce.


A dash of white pepper and the meal for four is ready to be served. Don’t forget the chopped red chili.





  1. Simple and easy, percept for bachelors. 🙂

  2. i think some bachelors can cook better than this!

  3. I thought we were supposed to make FINGER food!??

    display chilli, drizzle oil,pop into mouth

    lols!But seriously wei, look damn damn hungry..then again I usually am:(

  4. You ah… I haven’t had dinner yet, and you are showing me pictures of nice, tasty looking food. Your blog should come with a warning “Hazardous to hungry people”. Haha. Nevermind me. I get cranky when I am hungry.

  5. After all the heavy meals during CNY, I’m desperately craving for some nice simple home cooked food like this 🙂
    ish… why never invite???

  6. sourrain: you can eat the noodles with fingers. hehe.. finger food ah, i’m not as motivated as you babes!!! but i’ll tryyyy..

    anttyk: then you better not visit for the next 5 days when you are hungry coz during CNY surely plenty of food pics 😉

    penangkae: you were in penang, how to invite!!

  7. yum…. when?

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