Posted by: dreymer | March 2, 2007

Singapore: At night in Orchard Rd

Took three days off for a short, mini vacation to Singapore to eat, sleep, relax and shop. The Le Meridien hotel is right at the end of Orchard Road which made shopping so easy. Anything you want – whether they are clothes, accessories, kitchenware, make-up, cafes, bars, books are all available on this shopping street.

I’ve not had a piece of juicy, medium-rare prime rib steak since uni days and you can’t find it in Malaysia. Mmm.. so I couldn’t wait to have a meal of bad, fatty french fries and steak and where else to have it? The Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus in Singapore. The whole set up, even where the restaurant is situated, just kinda reminds of you Cali, doesn’t it? Plus the Starbucks further enhances how American this place looks. Should have taken pictures of some blonde gwai lohs.


Anytime you get lost in Singapore, just look out for this huge visitor center. You can’t miss this; even the blind will be able to read the signage.

On Orchard Road itself, you must absolutely stop for a break at NY/DC (In front of Heeran, opposite the Mandarin hotel) I’ve been to Singapore many times and this was the first time I tried this bistro on the street.  

Being a fan of chocolate, I was introduced to ‘Chocolate Addiction’. As a choco-junkie, I expected dark brown moist chocolate cake with fudge oozing out with every bite. Instead, I got this. The name is so misleading. It should have been called, ‘Almost There but Not Quite Chocolate Cake’.  Atleast the ‘Mushroom Madness’ pizza lived up to its name and was insanely yummerlicious.


And if you aren’t up for coffee, visit the Balcony Bar. I really like this place; decorated with tea lights and jewelled coloured glass lanterns with a twist of Moroccon significance. You can relax and recline on beds with drapes, nurse your drink by the bar or at the mini jacuzzi right smack in the middle of the balcony. It would have been nice if someone worth looking was soaking inside. Ah, we could only imagine.

I pass by again in the afternoon and so this is how it looks like during daylight. It’s only then I noticed its glass ceiling. Nice. 


*Note: Didn’t do all these in one night!

to be continued… Singapore’s ‘Chinese Baroque’ architectures and local delights



  1. black angus!!!!!You rememeber the one thats opposite campus near tony roma;s? Always starving student don’t get to go and eat:(.

    i miss red lobster too

  2. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Sniff. Sniff. I need to go look for food now…

  3. sourrain: Yes, I remember that one. Funnily, WE NEVER WENT THERE 🙂 We did try once but it was packed and ended up in Tony Roma’s. Remember or not? My parents were down that time.

    anttyk: don’t have such yummy food in DU leh.

  4. Ya lor… DU got no yummy food.

  5. OMG NOW I remember!

    me you parents n elvin!

    I even remember we took a pic with ur parents..and now I can visualise the picture-I was wearing my red banana republic jumper.

    my memory is scary.

  6. yes!!! i remember you were wearing the red jumper!!! i do i do 🙂 i wore a black, 3/4 sleeves top and jeans and my miss selfriges red clogs 🙂 nya ha ha

  7. Wahliao your memory competing with mine huh! OMG are we like mad?

    You should tell your parents. We had so much fun with them we remembered it 6 years down the line.I think I was wearing my GAP denim skirt but don’t remember what shoes I was wearing.Now, if I remembered what undewear I was wearing, that would just be too creepy

    Did you have ur granny clutch with you then as well, or was it the MNG crochet flower bag?

  8. Yeah, I’ve got memory capacity for useless facts 😉

    I remember you were wearing a skirt and I have a feeling you were wearing flip flops. I don’t know why but I ‘m thinking pink!

    Wow, the handbag part. It’s a little vague. I’m not too sure babes. It could also have been the Esprit denim with fuchsia patches. Or the colourful straw bag. Or the stripey blue with brown. Or the.. hahaha ok I’ll stop.

  9. i tink i gave u the colorful straw bag….just before i i guess its not that.

    and hello. can you please continue blogging about singapore please ok?

  10. Your blog is on the very high level and includes a lot of very interesting information and was very useful for me.

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