Posted by: dreymer | March 7, 2007

Singapore: Emerald Hill

Back! By popular demand (1 count so far!)

Do you want a story?
Once a upon a time, there lived a girl just out of secondary school who got her first job as a cashier at a steakhouse on Emerald Hill. Although she was local, she rented a place along this street. She was a petite lady with long black hair. Her face filled with innocence that got people to wonder what was she doing with a rogue like him. Every evening, a skinny young man with sculptured hair would pick her up and they would do what couples do. Go for movies. Dinner. Tea. Picnics. Cruise on his beat-up scooter. They would take deliberate long walks along this busy street, hand in hand, laugh and joke about their day. I can imagine the scene; a young couple in love.

33 years later, the same couple walk hand in hand, point out the newly painted facade of these homes and reminisce about the good ol’ days. I don’t have to imagine now because I see them in front of me; a couple young at heart still in love.
Now you understand why I’m still an old fashion romantic?

Emerald Hill remains famous for its terrace houses of “Chinese Baroque” architecture. Most of us would be familiar with their Peranakan feature which is a blend between Chinese and neoclassical European designs that is very popular in Malacca. Today, part of Emerald Hill is commercialized with bars, restaurants and shops but it is still predominantly a residential area.

Every house has its own uniqueness; colour and texture.

I love the details from the swinging wooden doors to the brass door handles.

The column on the right looks like butter cream frosting on those old fashion cup cakes, doesn’t it?

To be continued… start salivating on a piece of abalone steak…



  1. No food one? On days when I am not hungry, you don’t post up pictures with tasty looking food in it… :p

  2. can i see a picture of the sculptured hair pls?got those platform shoes with long bellbottoms ornot?if not tak pass!

    eh can u like blog faster ar?like rancangan tergendala all the time wan..

  3. anttyk: like how am I supposed to know when your tummy grumbles??

    sourrain: QUIET! SILENCE! I have more time during the weekend 🙂

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