Posted by: dreymer | March 9, 2007

Singapore: The old and the new

I like shopping malls because everything you want is under one roof. We also wanted to see what’s the deal with the new big thing in Harbour Front – Vivo City. I heard it would please a shoppaholic like me so I decided to put it to test.

After three hours, let me share with you some of my favourites:

1) The Spanish section of the mall and I’m not referring to the usual Zara and MNG labels. The one that caught my attention and didn’t get away – Desigual. Spotting sportswear and streetwear, not my usual kind of scene but yet favourable. Their social commitment to society was to promote safe sex. Selected apparels had a small pocket on the sides for you to store your rubber. For those who plan to use more than one, get a purse/bag 🙂 I got myself a top and no, it didn’t come with a special pocket. It is the guy’s responsibility, no? 🙂

2) The outdoor of the mall with strange circular water feature which people thought I was weird to pay so much attention to it.

dsc01438.JPG dsc01440.JPG

dsc01439.JPG dsc01442.JPG

3) The outdoor park on the roof top.

 dsc01447.JPG dsc01448.JPG

4) And that’s where we also spotted a warehouse of FOOD! Check out Food Junction – Singapore’s answer to satisfying your hunger.


Their concept is really interesting- something tourists would definitely like (i.e. ME!). First you are smacked with new modern designs of the mall but once you step into Food Junction, you are brought back to the past. The cooks, cashiers and cleaners were costumed to coincide with the ‘Old Singapore’ theme. Would have been ultra uber cool if they wore those wooden red clogs as well.


L-R: The menu and the entrance


After taking two rounds, we finally decided that we shan’t be greedy and have a light lunch. We chose the popiah (fresh springroll, not deep fried). Wrapped generously with turnip, thin strips of cucumber, diced hardboil egg, blanched bean sprouts and crunchy bits for that extra oomph! If you don’t believe, here’s a picture of the cross-section!dsc01472.JPG dsc01480.JPG

Look at their ‘lobak’ selection. We definitely had a hard time selecting. After much deliberation (i.e. waistline, weight and calories), we chose the cuttefish, fishballs and that springroll wrapped with beancurd skin. In Malaysia, ‘lobak’ is usually served with a thick, brown gluey sauce but not in Singapore – it’s pink. I actually do not want to know why. 

dsc01467.JPG dsc01476.JPG

Finally, dessert! My favourite local dessert and you can rarely find it in Malaysia. Tau suan is actually made of  green beans. It’s starchy, gluey and sweet. The cherry on top, in this case – are the thick slices of yau char kwai (deep fried bread). The yau char kwai is what makes or breaks the tau suan.


To be continued… more food!



  1. i like tau suan! You are right, it is damn hard to find lor

    ooo i like the rooftoop..looks like cheese the white holey wall..yum.

  2. This is more like it… Yum yum yum…

  3. hey never call me in SG

  4. mandy: sorry babes, was a rush trip 😐

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