Posted by: dreymer | March 18, 2007

I survived!

I never thought I’d live to blog this. I survived the 10km Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (KLIM) ’07.

Most of the people who have known me for years would have thought I was kidding when I said I signed up for the marathon. Firstly, I’m not a sporty or an athletic person. I think you already know that from my blog. I write about food all the time! Second, I can brisk walk but don’t have the stamina to run or jog. Summarized, I’m a lazy and weak cow!

Then why in the world did I sign up for this run? After going through a phase in my life, or what I like it to be known as – The Great Depression of 2007, LifeCoach told me I needed a change and it’s time I get out of my comfort zone. He was right. All these while, I was comfortable and contented that I stopped seeking new challenges. I needed something to look forward to, try out new things I never thought I’d do and if I have to, take some risks. When Elv forwarded me the link to KLIM, I automatically said yes. 

After one month of pushing myself to the limits, I wasn’t too sure if I was good enough to survive the all nine yards (in this case, 10km). To make matters worst, I got lazier after CNY and didn’t bother to run as often. I was convinced that I’d faint in the middle of the course and participants would trample all over me like an annoying speed bump on the road. Or I’d drop by a cafe and Elv can pick me up after that. Or I could hitch a ride from the emergency van.  The night before, I was all ready to go out for drinks and come back late but only to get a call from Elv, “you better sleep now. I’ll come and get you at 5:45am tomorrow.” *gulp* I kept my car keys.

We reported ourselves at 6:30am and met up with GKL and Trish. At 7am, the amazing race started. I kept pace with Elv because he did promise me he’ll be in sight! The sun was about to rise, the usually busy streets of KL were empty and it was odd to be able to step foot on the highway and not get knocked down by a trailer. It was fantastic!

In the end, I didn’t pass out, escape to a cafe or hitch a ride. We made it back to the finish line in less than 80 minutes. I even got a medal and a certificate of completion! I’m really happy because it has been YEARS since I got a medal for any sports. I hate to gloat but I seriously, never 100X thought I could do this.


I take this as my stepping stone to seize the day. Everyday.



  1. congrats…. one for the lucky journal 🙂

  2. congratulations! this is definitely out of *anyone’s* comfort zone and is a big achievement. 🙂

  3. Well done, drey! I could never wake up that early…

  4. omg omg omg omg omg….

    now i gotta say yes to the paris marathon.I think I need to start breathing before running.

    woohoo for drey the sporty sprinter!

    The last marathon i ran was in cyberjaya.I flirted with the cops but he dont wanna put me at the back fo his van:(

  5. thanks guys! it was v. important to me. yippee!
    my next -thon is sleep-a-thon 🙂

  6. Not only did you survived, you did well! you out-ran me 🙂
    Let’s do the penang bridge run next!!!

  7. WOW! that feeling must be great to know that you’ve just pushed yourself over your limit rite? And must be awesome to know that you could do something you never thought you could! Very proud of ya! *pat on your back* Now I’d have to see if I can stick myself everyday with insulin to control my gestational diabetes *gulp* Tomorrow I shall find out if I needed that…but looking at my numbers(glucose) I’d say they’d make me do it. Argh! I just hope that the feeling of being able to stick myself would be as nice as what you’ve just experienced with your marathon! Ok 2 more months to go for me and I’d eat a big tub of ice cream once baby’s out!

  8. Just hang in there for 2 more months and you’ll get your sugar-overload. It’s the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. In fact, you’ll be getting TWO crocks of gold in 2 months time 😉 So.. what’s the result??

  9. well, the nutritionist still say no to insulin. She said i am getting the hang of controlling via my diet and insulin doesnt mean no stress and better glucose level. so i have to try for another 2 weeks on my own…so like what John predicted they’d keep letting me try, try, try and soon the baby will be out! hahahaha..well, i suppose i’ll just have to learn how to manage my stress and deal with this.

  10. If you can have a living person stay inside you for the past few months, you can do anything! You’re super! Don’t worry.

  11. Are you serious??????

  12. c: serious about..?

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