Posted by: dreymer | March 21, 2007

March 21, 2007

I’m lucky because I have them… 


(and no, I don’t know what Q.dek means!)



  1. What’s that? What can you do with it?

  2. look like encyclopedia.or old diaries that companies give away

  3. Sourrain, join us be a lucky person 🙂

  4. penangkia: aiyo, afterwards she thinks this is some joy luck club!

    sourrain,anttyk: it is a personal diary on reflection. everyday you have to write at least one entry on why you feel lucky or why you are lucky. even if today or yesterday was the most horrendous, and the blackest day ever and you are in the brink of giving up and thinking that you have the most fucked up life, i’m sure there is still something/someone that we’re lucky to be with or to have.

    could be..
    a husband
    a girlfriend
    a car that takes you from A to B
    a supportive family
    a healthy body
    the existence of starbucks frapp

    anything 🙂

    and ‘them’ refers to my friends.

  5. It’s some kinda queer term….

  6. what them?

    and why is it called Qdek and not “dramatic lifestyle”

    If you want to give thanks, please read:

    Little bit of shameless pimping:)

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