Posted by: dreymer | March 23, 2007

Singapore: Clark Quay

You’ll never go hungry or thirsty in Clark Quay.

Singapore (early Feb’07)

You won’t want to miss Jumbo Seafood. Why? Because it’s one of those MUST VISIT restaurants in Singapore. They have plenty of seafood and if you’re into molluscs and crustaceans and anything under the sea, you’ll enjoy them on your plate. Dead.

L-R: For starters, we had cold crayfish with fruit salad. I know, you probably thought it was a lobster but it’s actually a huge crayfish. I always thought crayfish were really tiny. Then deepfried Talipia fish with spicy sauce.


This is my favourite! Deepfried Scallops surrounded with yam paste, drizzled with sweet sauce. It’s such a waste to deepfry scallops but the combination with the yam made it unique.

And then lastly, the highlight of the night – abalone steak. No words can even describe its sucullent flesh. Mmmm…

Singapore, Mid-Feb’07.

After two nights of plenty of drinks and coming home at 6am, we decided that we should just lay back and enjoy the night. But at midnight, most of the restaurants weren’t serving food (tried Brewerkz and a Mexican restaurant). Luckily enough, we stumbled on Tapas Tree and their kitchen was still open! Ding ding!

We had the beef meatballs and fried cheese. Although very sinful, the cheese was super! Anything deepfried is always bad but good, right? We were trying to figure out what type of cheese. I thought feta but then it was actually camembert.

To complement the tapas, I had their traditional sangria which was just average. I was quite tempted to try their Moet & Chandon sangria but was recommended the traditional one instead 😐

Instead of a third tapas, the waitress suggested the churros with chocolate sauce. Our eyes gleam in delight particularly because we loveeeeeee choco (and because we also love churros). Churros were abit hard and it wasn’t covered with cinnamon and sugar!Maybe that’s because I’ve set the benchmark that all Churros should taste like the ones in Disneyland 😐


Singapore (November’06)

For coffee, try TCC – The Coffee Connoisseur. I didn’t have coffee since it was already 11pm that time!

I had the lavendar tea which is suppose relax you and give you a good night sleep. And if that doesn’t help you to rest well, there’s always the warm chocolate brownie for comfort.

That’s all for now. Hungry?



  1. Ahhh Clark Quey! I miss that place. It was my once upon a time paktoh place! LOL Anyways, from now on I think I’d stop reading your blog. All these tempting food pics are not helping me with my special gestational diabetic diet!

  2. My my, now I’m really hungry! :mrgreen:

  3. im not going to read your blog anymore.i don care what happen to you, but you making me starve at 8.45am is not good for my mental health


  4. OMG. The abalone looks sooooooo goooooood… *dies of hunger and longing*

  5. Sorry. I will not go out for good food anymore…


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