Posted by: dreymer | March 24, 2007

SoHo; Chinese style

Located at an obscure corner in the old wing in One Utama is new eatery – Soho. Although, location wise, Soho doesn’t get the heavy traffic of shoppers compared to most restaurants, it is already very popular and well known.

With black and white pop art, private rooms with black glass chandeliers and mod cutleries, Soho stands out from the usual Chinese eateries that specializes in la mian (pulled noodles) and xiao long bao (Shanghai buns). Once seated, just pull open the drawer on the left and you will find a menu that’s attached to the table. Imagine a mahjong table. At that moment, what were missing were two more kakis (players), mahjong tiles and some chips and we could hoi toi (gamble) there and then.   

The lunch crowd You won't find any chips here

The table setting


The seats

               B&W pop art Jun?

Between both of us, we ordered hot white chrysanthemum tea that complemented our  variety of xiao chi (small bites).  I like that tea was served in clear teapot and cups. We tried the steamed Shanghai buns….

Chrysanthemum tea 

I still prefer Dragon-I’s but this wasn’t too bad. Dip in vinegar and pick up some thinly sliced ginger, take a bite and the soup from the bao pours out like a broken dam. I love it.

Bite me

Three types of mushroom (golden needle, Chinese black mushroom toongku and brown shiitake) wrapped in bean curd sheet drowned in a thick brown sauce and pink cheong fun (rice roll) with dried scallops and scallion. The waiter mentioned that the cheong fun was one of the specialities of Soho.

Mushrooms and more mushrooms Try this!

And unlike most dim sum served in a round bamboo box, Soho’s goes edgy with square boxes instead.  

Square bamboo boxes makes this place even more unique

We also ordered a dim sum which was decorated like a gold fish (since I’m a sucker for cute stuffs). It’s filled with shrimp and honestly, it wasn’t great. The transparent skin was hard and thick and they weren’t very generous with the fillings either.

However, I’d definitely like this give this place another try for their la mian and dessert (like steamed papaya — eeks). They do have individual rooms to cater for private functions. Birthday venue for anyone?



  1. Ui? What happened to ‘I will no go out for good food anymore’? 🙂

    I loooooooooooooove siew loong paus… *droooooooooools on laptop screen*

  2. i like!! i like !! lets go yc there….

  3. anttyk: and deprive you guys of feeling hungry in the office? no way! 🙂 you should try their siew loong paus there and tell me if you like it better than dragon-i

    gerry: nice leh! i think you’ll be taking pics like crazy.

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