Posted by: dreymer | March 27, 2007

On the surface level

You thought that after many years of being together, you’d know a person. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

Change is inevitable and most often enough, we will learn to accept and encourage the transition of another person. If and only if… it is for the better.  But for some, it has come to the point that they have submerged themselves so deeply into a newer and more exciting lifestyle that they leave the person they were behind.

Are you happier now? Are you living a life you’ve always wanted? Or is that just a facade you put up to hide your fears and insecurities? Is this the image you’ve created to respond to the artificial love that surrounds you now?

I thought people were smarter than that. Guess I’ve already lost the person I once knew.



  1. fooo yoh… damn power.. soo many hidden makna behind the crafted words. ada udang di sebalik batu

  2. but but but…i still lup u…:(:(

    why you prawn behind the rock all…you want to eat har meen isit?I made prawn with glass noodle..share share?

  3. YEECH IS BACK!!!! :p How’s life? What’s this blog about ah? So deep one? I don’t understand! 😦

  4. gerry and sourrain: adoi.. cakap pasal makanan again! yeah.. damn alot of udang this one hehehe.. both of you know already la!

    who are you, yeech?

  5. Wow, this is an interesting post drey. After all that has happened recently; and right in front of my eyes, I start to wonder if it really is, you, that you refer to

  6. Wow interesting observation UncleBUS..but lets just say you’re not the brightest star in the sky…we’re talking about the prawn “the prawn”… joe where are you la?.. get with the program wei… besides, IF your theory is right… then dreymer loosing dreymer could be pretty confusing.

  7. But seriously…

    how do you fry udang keropok?

  8. Since we’re on the keropok and udang topic, I always wonder how keropok lekor is fried until it splits at the end. Ever wondered? or does anyone know how to do it?

  9. That’s right gerry, I never claimed to be the brightest anyway but I think the question was rhetorical in the “losing yourself” sense.

    I sense a flame though it is not my intention Audrey but there’s always 2 sides to a story.

  10. tyler: u’ve lost me with your first comment and you’ve done the same with the second.

    i don’t know how this post is even relevant to you… and for you to care to leave me a comment and then be bothered to revisit to see if there was a reply, you’ve left me puzzled.

    and i will agree with you that there are always 2 sides to a story; you just don’t know mine.

  11. the damange is done so i guess i’ll be leavin… JT

  12. i thot we were talking about come end up with drey losing drey?and what happend in front of bus’ eyes?accident ka?

    atti2ude: eh, the more important question is how they make the chilli sauce until so delish??

  13. Only Time makes a caterpillar into a butterfly. Change is inevitable. The fatter the caterpillar gets by enjoying life as a green, multi-legged, occasionally furry, leaf eating creature – the closer it gets to becoming a totally different creature; mesmerizing wing patterns, rich colours, nectar licking but most astounding of all, with the gift of flight.

    This transformation might have given this creature a more “exciting” lifestyle but is it happier now? Is it living a life it always wanted? Maybe. Has this creature lost itself? I don’t think so.

    I don’t think you can ever lose your little caterpillar self during this grand-metamorphosis called life. To live is to change. I guess sometimes, our little caterpillar friends might miss our little caterpillar-selves and say we’ve “changed” and we’re lost in this new found life. Maybe, just maybe, our little friends are the ones that are afraid and insecure. I think its time to tell them; “Come, fly with us! The weather’s great up here!”.

    We are defined by who we are, not who we were.

    Where was I going with this? …

  14. wow! never thought such simple blog entry would turned into topics abour prawns, caterpillars, butterflies, keropok lekoh, cili sauce… AMAZING! I guess i’m very shallow lah, can’t read so deep… *breathe deep deep*

  15. yea penang kia..need to LOOK deeper for your inner keropok lekor.Pls remember to bring me some chili sauce ok.

  16. yo any-mouse if i didn’t know any better, i would think that you’re some secret Mariah Carey fan…. with a desperate urge to either write or rhyme.

    penang kia… this entry is just a simple or complicated as you make it.. but I can see how some ppl can “terasa sikit”.

    Sourrain… i will reserve some chili sauce for u 🙂

  17. some caterpillars turn into moths.
    some caterpillars were sprayed with ridsect, survive the ordeal and become a mutated butterfly.

    cute story but i think you’ve lost the plot 🙂

    that’s the ‘problem’ with teaser entries, you will react towards it (and i’m NOT saying through comments or so) if it strikes a cord or hits a nerve.

  18. gerry: i will wait for u k..

    for me i kill the caterpillar lor..and then deepfry n dip in gerry’s chilli sauce

    i love teaser entries.i can just pretend that u talking about food.

  19. sourrain: when I get some keropok lekor with the delish chili sauce, and when I put the first bite into my mouth, I’ll think of you! Hehe evil me…

  20. I sell spare parts for Caterpillar bull dozers, tractors, excavators, forklifts, and all sorts of industrial machineries…
    *No harm doing a lil advertisement for my business also yah, since it’s a teaser entry 😀

  21. I’m lost Drey…

    I wanna eat Ha Meen… Hehehehe. (got picture?)

  22. you’re lost because you know this isn’t about you! 😉

    i will get you a har meen picture! just you wait!

  23. yeech = multiply yeech? hmm… so long din leave msg… you must’ve forgotten liao.. :p

  24. yeech.. i remember la, i was kidding

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