Posted by: dreymer | March 31, 2007


An update on the little ones.

Sara’s sucha big girl now. Mommy tells me that she’s no longer a baby and can feed herself and all that. Wow-wee! That’s her on a flight to Malaysia. Sara’s expecting a baby sis in June.


I wanna play with Fabby’s Toñito’s hair! Look at the ringlets. This big boy turns 3 in May.


I love taking profile shots of my nephew. This is my favourite.



  1. i also wan…..

    *cannot tahan,must go shopping in babygaP

  2. who is all these kids?? damn cute rite?? are you running some baby competition this weekend?

  3. LOL. The curly haired kid looks really cute.

  4. sourrain: you also want then make lor. you need the ingredients and the recipe?? hehehe 😀

    gerry: the first kid is my uni mate’s daughter and the second kid is my ex-colleague’s boy.

    anttyk: yah i know!! really big too for his age.

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