Posted by: dreymer | April 2, 2007

Wine & Dine at the Attic

Walk up the narrow and white flight of stairs and get greeted by a hanging red chandelier piece. The Attic is a bar, an art gallery and a relaxing place to chill and listen to their live jazz band.

Every week they would feature a new event – dinner & drinks, music, stand-up comedy etc.  

One Friday evening, we made reservations for three to attend their debut wine dinner. Featuring three of Australia’s best labels, each course of our meal was accompanied with a glass of vino and a sommelier to talk us through our dinner.

Sounds like Wine Appreciation 101 to me!

Occupying the entire 3rd floor, The Attic is located in one of the isolated island shoplots in the midst of residential area in Jalan Bangkung. We did have a hard time finding the place because it was missing a signboard. Perhaps, on purpose. Eventually we walked our lazy asses from the car and decided to walk along the corridor to search for the restaurant. And we did.

While we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive… We viewed the art pieces on display. I believe all pieces were on sale.


Or you could get yourself a drink at the bar… Or listen to Zalila on vocals and Llew on the piano (although, they only came in much later after our dinner thinghy)


After an hour passed and our tummies were rumbling with hunger, we were seated at our table. “Mana hantu? Mana-mana pun ada.” (“Where’s the ghost? There’s one everywhere.“) is the title of the painting behind G’s silhoutte.


For appetizer, I chose the pear, penne and walnut salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Taste wise, it was fine because I love salad with balsamic and the combination did go well with the arugula leaves. However, I think it would have been better if the walnuts weren’t chopped too finely. Would have preferred halves rather than mini bits of nuts that you normally have in cookies. Sommelier Jean in his thick French accent introduced to us our first taste for the night – Logan Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. For whites, I like it. It wasn’t as sweet as a Riesling but or gag-like as a Guwurstraminer.


And then for the main, baked dory fish with lime and caper sauce with garlic mash and asparagus. An interesting dish for me since I’ve only tried pickled capers and never in a gravy. I know I was supposed to have this with whites but I decided to break all rules and have a red instead. It was a Logan Apple Tree Flat Shiraz that should have been paired with the other choices of main – Beef bolognaise with linguine or the sesame-encrusted chicken breast. It was easy on the pallete and that’s all I have to say because I’m not going pretend that I know alot about wine. All I know is that, it was DRINKABLE and I LIKED IT.


Dessert time – Choco walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream and Chambers Rosewood Muscat. I’ve never appreciated sherry and always prefer non-sweetened beverage with cakes or ice creams so the dessert wine was a little too strong for my liking and after a few sips, I was done (as in, stop drinking. Not faint/fight/cuss). And that’s why fortified wines are usually in a smaller bottle than your regular vino and served less than others:)


G and her wine collection. Haha 🙂 Atleast I even got to taste her white wine – an Allandale Verdelho (which I was supposed to have with my fish).

After his number on the piano, Llew gave us some extra info and tips on choosing a good bottle of wine and to differentiate between an Australian and a French just from its labels.



This is D hating her camera. Oh.. and the boy had to get some roti canai after that. Food wasn’t enough for him. 

Overall, the food may not be interesting enough to eat there again but the company was wonderful. Seated at our table were the Archi and his secretary and a writer from a local magazine who was featuring this place. We were laughing so loudly that the Sommelier had to shush us before he spoke. Oops! Besides that, it felt like a school gathering because we bumped into a primary school classmate whom we’ve not seen since we were twelve years old. And then later found out that Ash (writer) was also from the same secondary school. She said it is no wonder we look so familiar! But after we told her our age and that we were in fact 8 years her senior, we must have changed her opinion!

It was one of those rare occasions where you leave that place saying, “mediocre food but good drinks and excellent company.”
photos courtesy of Gerry



  1. why g never take picture of chilli sauce?

    anyway,we want to see picture of your fab dining companions!!

  2. Nice place, nice photos ( I especially like the candles one) and nice hair. Yours, that is. 🙂

  3. see…told you im jealous-green of your flip here flip there hair..

  4. sourrain: coz they don’t serve lekor 😛 haha, you saw our fab dining companions!

    mooiness: yeah gerry took some really good shots and i couldn’t help but to snag them from her. oh, the fringe is starting to piss me off so i don’t like it as much as before! 🙂

  5. Wow. The shot of the wine glasses… Really nice.

  6. drey… don’t pretend you dont like your hair la.. u know its fab… 😛 if u don’t want then give it to me 😛

  7. anttyk: gerry’s got a great eye for this kinda thing!

    gerry: bleh. but i love your new hairstyle and colour now!

  8. exchange hair lah you two

  9. is this is hair-compliment post isit?is that why we see both gerry’s & dreyb’s hair??

    penangkia,did i ever tell you i LurRRrrRrve your hair?yes I doooo

  10. haiyo!! why are the post comments usually irrelevant to the entry wan ah??

    btw i love sourrain’s hair!

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