Posted by: dreymer | April 7, 2007

Pink and hard

The ingredients 



Whipped and squeezed


The canvas

 Swirls and spreads


The art




The finishing; in matte and glossy silver

And the artists; unwrapped

The verdict



  1. Wow so pretty. What’s the occasion? Looks too pretty to eat!

  2. Hm… Yummy… 🙂

  3. mooiness: a girlfriend’s birthday 🙂

    yeech: yeah it’s very yummy..

  4. Hey, looks yummilicious… Seriously, should start selling cupcakes u gurls.

  5. reminds me of wedding favors…

  6. atti: yess, you be my first customer ka???

    vonne: could be anything!

  7. the secret ingg is Other People’s Dough!!!!


  8. Wahlauuuuuuu…. Cantiknya!!!! So much ‘sum kei’. Nice.

  9. sourrain: i’m not gonna pretend i can bake very well! so there!

    anttyk: yes, all from the heart; sweat and blood.

  10. I want one for my birthday can ah? hahaha… :p

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