Posted by: dreymer | April 14, 2007

Jil’s table for eight

30th March, 2007 

Table for eight and the LBD theme. Obviously, two of them didn’t get the message. 




This is Ninja Jones (located at Northpoint in Midvalley City). We got ourselves a private room because we know our noise polution capacity.



And yes, there were ninjas serving us. They score big time on the hygiene factor due to their full-face mask. Never have to worry about complaining, “waiter, there’s a hair in my soup!”

This was my feast: For starters, edamame. My main, Wagyu beef and fish bento set. This has to be the best and smallest pieces of beef. The cubes (as big as a chicken stock cubes) rested on a mini stone grill with two pieces of french beans. Very ‘generous’. But the beef was so tender and it melts in your mouth with every bite. I think it’s also because of the pathetic portion that you end up craving for more.



After our dinner, Gerry and I surprised the girls with the mystery silver boxes. It was fun watching their facial expressions as they wondered what was in store for them. So much so that we forgot to tell them, ‘Handle the box with care. Do not shake it!”





The birthday girl just made a wish.

Always…. always.. love your friends. A group photo 🙂 Did you notice that this has to be the MOST UNTIDY TABLE ever at a dinner? Dang. We just have too many things, don’t we?


And then we had a great time at Velvet. We have too many pictures so I decided to compile them in a mini collage in sepia because my pics and Gerry’s were all in different tones and colour!


Thanks to G for letting me steal some of her pics. HB Jil 🙂



  1. Happy birthday Jil. Many happy returns.

  2. Happy bday Jil – wow, we have the same bday! The celebration must be fantastic! I would so totally want to celebrate it this way 10 years ago..ahahah you girls make me feel my age! Anyhow, mine wasnt shabby; i had a 2-in-1 (baby shower + my bday) together thrown by a couple of friends! It was wonderful!

  3. Ooops. Guess I forgot to mention that we celebrated Jil’s birthday on 30/3. I’ve been slacking on updating my blog 🙂

  4. GKL: but Orange is the new black

  5. and THANKS

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