Posted by: dreymer | April 16, 2007

BMW Paddock Lounge Party

5th April, 2007 

Was digging into my chicken katsu-don when G bugs me. “Come la, let’s go for the party.” No way! Thursday night and I was already clad comfortably in my sloppiest pair of jeans and SELIPAR. And I want to catch the 3rd episode of ‘My name is Earl.’ And sleep is very important.

“Come la come la.. you’ll be back by midnight. Promise.”

I felt like Cinderella already.

I finally agreed and rushed back home to get changed while G verbally abuses the driver who double parked behind her car. Never mess with a girl in the a Myvi. Seriously.

It was the BMW Sauber F1 Team Paddock Lounge party in KLCC which coincided with the KL Grand Prix on 6-8th April 2007.



We decided to check out the Pit Lane Park. And that was Chris Pffeifer in action.


The park has a miniature race track, mini grandstands, mock F1 training centre and garage. I know G really wanted to try out the mock pitstop exercise but to do it in a dress? We decided for something simpler like taking a quiz on a computer! LOL.


They also have an F1 training center where you can practice your driving assisted with computer simulation of the actual race.


And… after one round, we were thirsty and decided to head back to the lounge.


The scene inside. Pretty lights.


We had our bubbly and lychee martini.


I didn’t know G took this picture. It’s pretty funny how we ditch our bags like that!


This is pretty much, HALF of the scene. Sigh. Subjected to heavy censorship. Haha.


G’s salivates all over the BMW 325i Convertible. One day, babes.. one fine day. At the mean time you can continue to drool.


So at the end of the day, we asked, who do you love? You can probably tell that I’m a narcissist. And G… she’s just desperately, insanely in love with the initials BMW.


Yalah, yalah shiok sendiri only at the showroom, a floor below the lounge.


Yes, had plenty of fun and met some (yummy) and interesting people. Oh, and G didn’t keep up to the promise of sending me back before midnight.




  1. i didn’t send u home at midnite for obvious reasons.. hahahha. 😛

  2. What’s that green longan thingy in the martini glass?

  3. YOu 2 looked very drunked.. Face almost as red as a ripe tomato! 🙂

  4. Looked like one pretty crazy night! U both look whacked!

  5. gerry: haa..

    anttyk: it’s lychee

    yeech: i look yellow

    D: it was fun

  6. where are the incriminating pictures!!

    btw, what did u met that is yummy?Man in fried chicken suit? Yummy..

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