Posted by: dreymer | April 23, 2007

Casa Vino

You might pass a comment that I’m such a country bumpkin but I’ve never been to Casa Vino until recently. If it wasn’t the Archi’s insistant invitation, I might have continued to be the village peasant.

As you enter, the area on both sides are elevated. Go up the stairs on either sides and it is as if you have your very own ‘box’ seat sectioned off for a little privacy. The mock oak barrels act as counters with illuminated table top.

I didn’t manage to take decent pics because it was too dim and my godmother of all Sony T’s is a little too vintage for indoor photography.

I did not look at the selection of wines that were available. Not that it would matter alot since I’m still vino-clueless. We had an Argentinian Barbera. Although I’m not a big fan of reds, it was consumable because it was light and didn’t stain my lips! To me, that’s good wine!

So I think I might make a second trip there and perhaps with the girls. The more the merrier like when number 101 join us on Saturday too… unplanned, of course.



  1. you call yourself a village girl for not being there? Then I should call myself a stoneage guy for never even hear of the place before! hahaha… I’m sure it is a very high class place. Not a place for me to be in.. hehe…


  3. Err… the Curve? hahahahha… Ok.. ok.. I know where’s the Curve…

  4. Yah me? Which part of The Curve? Never see before one?

  5. Ok great. I’m not the worst here. Haa..

    It’s opposite Pandington’s Pancake on the 2nd floor, same row as Ah Tuan Ee’s (the row of eateries on The Street)

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