Posted by: dreymer | April 24, 2007

Robbery in Carpark: Part 3

Last year I wrote about a robbery that occured in my office car park. Let me continue with part three.

Last Friday, a colleague of mine was robbed. The predators were on a motorbike IN the car park. They must have ‘collected’ enough stash last year to get themselves a getaway vehicle or some poor lad out there is missing his two-wheeler.

I heard that our colleague tried to fight him off with the help of other colleagues who were on the same floor as well. However, he did get a way with her handbag. You must be thinking that only a fool would want to struggle with someone armed but I guess at a state of panic, you’d do anything to retain your belongings.

I don’t know if the management of the car park is doing ANYTHING at all or not. Since this is the FOURTH time in THREE YEARS that thieves have struck the car park, it obviously shows that the security is unbelievably retarded. If they do not act up, I guess we should seek alternatives. It would be nice that our company implement the “no work after 5:30pm” rule and have the power shut off completely so that colleagues HAVE no choice but to go home EARLY.

At least it’s a solution for everyone’s gain!



  1. damn it… go home at 5.30?? 😦 i wan!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, no company would ever enforce the 5.30pm rule you mentioned! This company of mine has just increased the trading hours by an hour to maximise their income! Arrggghh…

  3. gerry: Maybe 5:30 sounds a little far-fetched. How about 6:30pm??

    yeech: Maybe they know robbers will not target people like you..

  4. Gees, it’s been almost a year and nothing has been done?! And in this instance where your colleagues did the right thing by leaving together, they still got robbed.

    What to do? You can leave all valuables at home, carry less cash and don’t carry laptops or whatever around. So even if you get robbed, hopefully the loss isn’t that great. Drastic? Short of your company moving, I don’t think you can do anything about the car park management lack of cooperation.

    So I think you guys may have to put up with the compromises.

  5. You can’t help it but to have your cellphone, camera (this goes without saying), purse and laptop with you. Sometimes I think you should have some materials on you rather than nothing at all.

    You’ll never know if thieves would just be ‘satisfied’ of robbing you RM 10. It would be worst if they take away more than just your valuables, if you know what I mean.

  6. or u can always take the bus like me..teehee.

    I remember the days when I would arrive home at 8pm from work..after being squeezed dry by the company

    now I am home by 5.30pm.

  7. hmmm, true that. Maybe you can rally some support from the other companies who use the same carpark?

  8. Oh believe me. I’ve been targetted before.

  9. sourrain: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION??? the horrors!

    mooiness: rallied by…. me? haa haa haa haa

    yeech: just scream like a girl you’ll get away with it.

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