Posted by: dreymer | April 25, 2007

Eat your colours!

I asked her which type of cuisine should I feature next. I gave her a choice of:

  1. Fish head curry
  2. Vietnamese
  3. Mille Crepe
  4. Pancakes
  5. Salad + Quiche

She ultimately chose selection #5 since that’s her least favourite from the list. But the Chinese Pow-pow salad in Marmalade (Bangsar Village II) is really delish! And it isn’t GREEN! 

Colourful and refreshing, this salad is mixed in with a base of butter lettuce, tropical fruits – mangoes and papayas, yellow and red capsicum, alfafa sprouts, pine nuts and to add the pow-pow, deep fried rice noodle crispies.

And eggs! They are my comfort food especially after a hangover! You need to have ’em eggs even if they are whipped, blended and baked in a form a quiche Lorraine. A generous portion of warm quiche of spinach and bacon.

And then there’s the Chong ladies favourite (and safe) sandwich – smoked salmon on foccacia.


Since Marmalade is a family-oriented restaurant (i.e. you have screaming kids and babies, a play pen as well as hand drawn art pieces stuck on walls), the kids menu was equally appetizing albeit smaller portion. Ian had the breakfast set – scrambled eggs, baked beans, toasts and chicken chipolata.

He was getting a little impatient with me because I kept asking him to smile at the camera but he couldn’t wait to pig out on his mini meal.  The food is so good, even kids know how to appreciate them!


You’ve had a horrid week and the weekend is approaching. You want to rejuvenate with a fresh glass of chilled OJ and food that isn’t too rich or filling, perhaps a kid and a MOM to feed, so where should you head to? Marmalade could fill in the little blanks for you. Bright and cheery.



  1. Reading this at 4.30pm isn’t helping. My stomach’s growling already. We should do this again!

  2. *phew..

    Lucky I dont like fruit mixed with vegetable salad.

    But why got smoked salmon sandwich and quiche wan! The quiche looks damn nice btw..looks like they used real button mushroom thus the black bits?

  3. What is a pow-pow? Is it Cantonese for full-full? *scratches head*

  4. Wow.. looks very yummy! You know all the places with good food to go to… Next time, I’ll just ask you… :p

  5. atti2de: we should! you plan! bring your noisy baby!

    sourrain: wahlau, it’s very nice. you should try it before saying that you don’t like. hey, gonna feature everything, might as well feature the other dishes we ordered.

    actually can’t remember if they used fresh mushrooms or not. this would be a very good reason to go back and try. see, the things i do for youuuu..

    anttyk: i have no idea. maybe it’s just a gimmick for us to remember and for us to ask why 😀

    yeech: maybe coz you don’t get out of klang often. don’t need to ask mah.. it’s all in the blog 😀

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