Posted by: dreymer | April 26, 2007

You pick!

Here’s a little interactive activity for the writer and reader. I’ll give you the liberty of selecting what I should blog next. Food review on:

  1. Fish head curry at Tanjung Bungah Fish Head Curry
  2. Vietnamese at Sao Nam
  3. Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
  4. Pancakes at Paddington’s House of Pancakes
  5. Salad + Quiche at Marmalade

Or party pix?


1 more day to the five day weekend holiday! Am going up to Penang to try the new and swanky boutique hotel on Gurney Drive, for dinner and wine at Hardwicke House, photo opportunities at the Tropical Spice Garden and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and it goes without saying that we’ll be having plenty of CKT, Nasi Kandar and Asam Laksa!

Well.. just to make those who’ll be holidaying in Dubai & Paris and Ibiza jealous…….. NOT!



  1. Oooo… Going to Penang. Lot’s of food there. Mmmm. I like your cooking / baking / decorating cupcakes posts.

  2. Har? All food one?! Ok – Fish Head Curry PLUS party pix. Can??? 😀

    Oklah I’m just being greedy. Split it up into posts if you must. Heheh.

    Your upcoming Penang trip should yield lotsa great photos too!

  3. you know…i think i dont like you after all…now my cereal taste like the cardboard it is:(

    but now you can tell me if other people’s food hunting skills as good as mine!

  4. btw, you can have fish head curry next..cause I don’t really like

  5. due to the ‘overwhelming’ response.. we’ll go with fish head curry 🙂

  6. with the fried chicken?

  7. I’m really happy with the fish head curry 🙂 Be shure to let us know how the Tropical Spice garden was ! Looking forward to it.

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