Posted by: dreymer | April 30, 2007

VM07: G Hotel on Gurney Drive

This is the second write up on travel tales around Malaysia. We were in Penang for two nights. It was a trip of one of the seven deadly sins – gluttony.

G was already in Penang when we met up on Friday, close to 2am. Tired and sleepy, we just headed off to bed without any clue how this place looks like.

G Hotel is strategically located on Gurney Drive, right next to the Gurney Plaza shopping mall. If you ever needed your usual caffeine fix, Starbucks is around the corner. You’ll never go hungry since the Gurney hawkers are about 2 mins walk from the hotel. So you’ve got your shopping, your coffee and your Penang delights (not referring to the local Ah Bengs), G Hotel is perfect location wise.

Here are some pictures taken during the day. As you enter…


The lobby is unsegmented; dividing areas with geometrical features like the one in red:


A close up of some of G’s interior:


At night, the place is illuminated with interchanging hues. The bar on the right is usually empty. What a pity.


Next to the bar is the G cafe. The large Perrier bottles gives the feature shelf more life.


That’s me, with my backpack ready to go off but not until I’ve taken some pictures.

The swimming pool area was fantastic as well. I love how the lights in the pool flicker into different colours during the night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures the next day because it was rainy and gloomy. Oh well. Here are some shots of the room instead.

This is our room, 1107.


There were alot of reminders that you are in the G hotel:

The bathroom; minimal and simple.



  1. abit irrelevant but im hungree…

    the one n only time i went to g hotel was for a buffet.Happily took my plate of food already and was just sitting down.and then the place caught fire. so i had to run outside and eat somewhere else.all the while holding a glass of water – like i gonna save the world with my glass of water.

  2. haa.. not even a fire could interrupt a buffet! when was that? i thought this hotel was new? :S

  3. Nice, I love the decor! Gurney Plaza is also where I hanged out a lot whenever I’m in Penang. My aunty’s place is just up the road from there.

    Beer, coffee, food and chicks. 😀

  4. mooiness: nice hor? very mod. i didn’t really check out the people actually. or have beer. or coffee. just food. good food 🙂

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