Posted by: dreymer | May 1, 2007

VM07: Lone Pine Hotel

At 7:30am, the curtains were drawn. Sunlight penetrated through the thinly tinted windows. It felt as if Penang was situated closer to the sun than anywhere else in the world. The siren “get up, people, get up!” accompanied with timely hand claps that could make a metronome obsolete.

Wait a minute, I think I’m too old to be recruited for National Service… is this bootcamp?!? Oh it’s just G giving us her wake up call because we had an itinerary to follow. Haha.. all in jest, babes.

We had plans to stay a night at the Lone Pine Hotel but we couldn’t get a room. They had good promotional rates on the internet and since it was the long weekend, it was no wonder that the hotel was fully booked. Instead, we had breakfast by the pool at the hotel. A breakfast buffet for RM 28+ and a pot of freshly brewed coffee served by the most helpful and friendly waiter, it was a great way to start the day!

Breakfast consisted of the usual nasi lemak, congee, American – sausages, ham, eggs of choice, pancakes and hashbrowns, Continental – choice of bread, jam and butter, pastries.

Sunny-side ups and grilled tomatoes, just the way I love them. Rummy in the middle.


The happy campers got their caffeine fix.

Along this stretch of beach, there are plenty of water sports and activities up for ‘rental’ such as jet-skiing and parasailing. That’s me up there!!!

Just kidding. But I do wonder if the dude airborne is in his business suit….

If you are a romantic at heart and often wish you had your own knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet riding on a handsome steed, you can have it all here. Except that you would have to pay for such fairy tale, the horse is a little tired and weary and the knight speaks hokkien. Lu suka boh?!?!

Number 17


Look at the number 17. Just gave me the, “Stop photographing me you el’cheapo tourist from KL.” And as if the tail is trying to tell me, “Get lost. Shoo!”


Calming moments…



The blue and yellows of Lone Pine.





To be continued… the quest for Sister’s char koay teow and city people spies on nature…



  1. did you remember…wanted to hold the wedding there bt it was too small.

    btw..the restaurant is also where bacon asked me to marrry him drunkenly one xmas eve

    btw…the restaurant used to be a rental bungalow. I stayed there once when I was young…apparently haunted.

    btw, I think I am super highjacking your blog..shall shut up now.

  2. I like horses. Did you take a ride?

  3. yes the place is memang haunted :S

  4. gerry : did the ghost bring you a cherry garcia ben & jerry ice cream too?

    to self: must shut up and stop posting stupid comments

  5. sourrain: yes i remember that you were supposed to have the wedding here. oooh but i didn’t know that bacon proposed in the haunted bungalow.. wahlau, so romantic.

    anttyk: no, didn’t go horseback riding =..

    gerry: had no idea it was haunted 😐

  6. dreybee..he was drunk ler..drank like 2 bottles of wine & 4 beers (we went for a all inclusive xmas dinner there).Did not remember a thing the day after…:(

  7. hahahaha.. see what alcohol can do to you, kids!! 🙂

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