Posted by: dreymer | May 23, 2007

The Dreymer

Her name. Her bad english. Her caricature of herself. Her photo. Her wavy hair. Her face. Her soft features. Four handwritten letters. Two jilted lovers. The other two letters written on blue paper with lines; one carelessly folded, the other torn into pieces. The handwriting. In black ink. Ball point pen. Penmanship was neat. Slanted to the right. It was my writing. My signoff. My name. 

When I first started to blog (back then blogspot in Feb 2003), they were all entries about my dreams. Hence, ‘dreymer’. It’s quite frightening that they can be somewhat vivid. What’s more frightening is when I could recall the tiniest details. The colour. The taste. The emotion. The ambiance. I’d publish the entries to a single audience, that is me, in hope that one day I could come up with an interpretation.

(You won’t find any entries in blogspot anymore. As you can see, I have a tendency to ‘delete’ history or abandon hosts)

What are dreams? I always thought that dreams had a significance to your present, past and perhaps your future. They could be messages or warnings for you to decipher, images impossible in reality and a freak screenplay out of your control. (I believe controlled dreams are fantasies). There’ll never be a reason on why dreams occur; it could be your mind deceiving you with images to screw your head further (and add entries to your blog) or perhaps… it’s our mind purging unconscious thoughts, as suggested.

I guess we’ll never know. Till then.. dream on.

And yes, I’m back after ‘popular’ demand (Recent count = 5 excluding family members). So where’s the fanfare, the marching band, the ‘Welcome back’ banner and the popping of champagne?



  1. you wasted all my energies in penning endless witty comments for your blog….hmph..i dont want to welcome u bek disloyal lover; love me and leave me without turning back

    pffft.You need to redeem yourself by doubling ur blogging efforts now.Otherwise saya meletak jawatan sebagai pengarah koment.


    Eh, it’s like you burned your diary leh :~(. Hehe. Anyway, I should be one of the ‘popurar’ demand ppl ya? Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

  3. i like sourrain’s comment “i melerak jawatan sebagain pengarah koment” so ex pergarah koment u got any comment on your koment? muahahha babes…. 1. sen hon 2. sourrain 3. me 4. jil and 5. shuks… i think u have one more la.. 6. GKL so its SIX people !!!

  4. What? It’s all gone?! Why leh??? Nvm, you’re back. Better than nothing. 🙂

  5. gerry: plus the PenangKia in cave 😀

    why papaya tree leaves?

  6. gerry: why you wanna make her kembang? As ex-pengarah koment, I say we shall sulk in one corner until she proves herself worthy of our comments.


    yes i very bitter. she deleted all my wedding posts.I so merajuk now


    I’ll put the good stuff in. Give me time la.

    BTW, they finally BLOCK the site I go to to MSN. Fantastic right?

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