Posted by: dreymer | May 25, 2007

The final straw

They blocked the last site I have digently searched. Probably the last available one out there for me to be connected to my sanity.

Therefore, I quit.



  1. fuyiooooohhh

    drama-nyee. Just like the Bold and the Beautiful..or who killed JR.

    I am awaiting for pictures of the cause and effect and the carnage.And a full line-by-line when they apologize for blocking your sanity.

  2. […] for drey! We no longer suck! We so rock now!! WOOO!! No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for […]

  3. i quit too!! no la.. kiddin only, don’t have the balls to do it….. damn it .. u r a bad influence…

  4. gerry: faster go quit la..join us……

    quite fun wei..damn chi kek!

  5. siow ah… already in debt, if i quit my job i think i bankrupt wei. but i do envy drey.. get an expensive toy and then quit her job. now thats what i call chi kek

  6. mils: haha, nolah, where got so dramatik! but it is the drama minggu in! we’ve been waiting for this for a long time haven’t we?

    gerry: you’ve got it good mah.. that’s why! you don’t have to quit.. just get a new toy.. good enough.. hahah

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