Posted by: dreymer | May 27, 2007

My new red!

Yippee! After 3 years, I’ve rewarded myself with a new cam. I’m absolutely thrilled with my latest purchase. It has 8.1 megapixels resolution, 5X optical zoom, 3.0″ LCD screen, super steadyshot, face detection technology, internal editing, and Anti-Blur Solution for those non-flash moments in lowly lit areas.

Ta-da! It’s the Sony Cybershot DSC T-100 in smashing RED.

What contributed to my impulse decision to splurge in less than 10 mins was the in-camera retouching. It allows you to edit your pictures within the camera itself to enhance your images. The new retouch features available in this model are:

  1. Soft focus – Blur the periphery around a chosen point
  2. Partial color – Surround a chosen point in monochrome
  3. Fisheye lens – Apply a fisheye effect around a chosen point
  4. Cross filter – Add a starburst effect to bright points in the image

Just to understand the effects, I’ve taken a couple of sample images to compare the original (left) and the edited (right).

Soft partial – After you’ve selected your middle point, it’ll blur the surrounding area (from a scale of 1 to 5).


Partial color – Very effective when you want to highlight a color that stands out in the picture. You could do this is an editing software which has a better and neater finish but this is just as good.


Fisheye lens – Now, you gotta love this! Here’s the image through the eyes of a fish.


Cross filter – This is really cool. It adds the bling-bling to your Penang curry mee!


The additional editing features aren’t the only ones that I’m excited about. When viewing the images that you’ve taken (playback), you could view them as a slideshow with pre-inserted music in the background. That was available from the T-10 model onwards. But with the T-100, if Imogen Heap or My Chemical Romance could accentuate the intensity and depth of your pictures, just simply upload the MP3 into your camera! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Here’s a tissue, stop drooling.



  1. Yay! You’re back… You had me worried there.

  2. wow! new toy!!! i want to play also!
    i think you should get more red dresses as well, to match your current red theme 😀

    *the paparazzi terror just upgraded…

  3. anttyk: yeps! am back! RaaR!

    penangkia: gonna paparazzi maximum since the zoom is more power now! woohoooooo..

  4. fuiyo! what happened here? i was gone for awhile n came back to a quite empty blog. hope things are ok with ya. Hm…nice camera! very ‘powderful’ like dat. enjoy it!

  5. vonne the new mommie: The quite empty blog… It will be filled with love soon 🙂 Yeah, I luv my new cam!

  6. i luv too i luv too!!

    chinese new year theme ar u

  7. sourrain: hahahaha! RED car. RED shoes. RED bag. now RED cam!

  8. still green with envy 😛 i want one too…..

  9. gerry: get the BLACK.
    then you have BLACK car. BLACK shoes. BLACK bag. BLACK cam. woohooo

  10. pppst if you dont mind telling me, how much did you pay for this? am considering getting this for my nephew who;s coming here for college; if it’s cheaper back there then can get him to buy that in Msia. thanks!

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