Posted by: dreymer | May 30, 2007

Battlescars gallactica

Some of us might think she has gone mental with her desperate attempt to seek pity and attention. Accuses. Lies. Betrayal. Disloyalty. And then there’s the slander; unintentional she claims but we all know there’s no such think as an unplanned attack. Kinda reminds me of someone who once said to me,

“I don’t mean to cucuk but…”

But it happened and I had a dozen of embedded bullets in me.

I digress. Let’s go back to the little girl. As much as I condemn ‘open letters’ (i.e. I’m gonna tell the whole world that my life is hell and I’ll drag a few people along to burn in eternity), I do understand her unfortunate plight. Odd? Well, I do somewhat.

Because there are people out there who would do anything for love. Or for love to happen. Everyone has a mini Meatloaf in them. (Referring to the singer, not your leftovers). They know they might stoop to the lowest level in the Hall of Shame. They know they would come off as desperate/insane/senile/unrealistic/stupid. They know that they are fighting a losing battle. But when a person truly wants something to work out or someone to be with, they would sacrifice their sanity. Even if it leads to name calling, unfair derogatory remarks and repeated rants.

It is so frustrating, no? 

There is a fine line of being passionate and unreasonably insane. But before you fit yourself to a swanky straightjacket: stop, take a deep breath and pull back. Ask yourself if it’s all worth it when in the end… your love could eventually transform to hatred.

Even Meatloaf had his limits. He’ll do anything for love.. but he won’t do that.



  1. aiyoyo…i thot we agrees to have posts of food, not make me more confused and blur…..

    now,im going to be blur all day

    kena conned again me..

  2. I smiled when I saw the title. Hmm, another sci-fi gal like me but when I read on – hmm..whoah..what the…and confusion hit me like a truck. Then for 2 hours I kept thinking bout WTH you just wrote. So cryptic wan! I gave up but i kept thinking bout it and I felt like being trapped in a tent on one of those hot summer days with a tentmate who just farted.

  3. sourrain: i kinda agreed last time i would stop these teaser posts right? ok ok. promise. this will be the last one. i’ll do it in the other blog. mua ha ha.

    vonne: i will openly say i’m not a sci-fi fan! hahahha you are so funny with your description. i wouldn’t want to be stuck in an enclosed, zipped up tent with a farter. so yes, that’s why i’ll just continue on with reviews instead!


  4. Haven’t had meatloaf before.

  5. I was going to give up reading this blog when i realized it’s another teaser post that i would never understand… until i saw one familiar line.. 😀
    but i still dun understand! 😐

  6. atti2ude: EH, I make a very very pretty meatloaf cake…

  7. atti2de: should try mil’s meatcake. looks delish but don’t forget to invite me.

    elving: don’t worry you aren’t the only one. but please don’t ask me to explain leh!! we’ll put this behind us!! 🙂

    sourrain: wahlau, so promo.

  8. ooo comes with the link as well! looks yummy and making me hungry….

    drey: sorry but we always manage to turn your “confusing roundabout” posts into some food talk.

  9. i know who u’re talking abt.
    britney sprears and her long letter on her website =)

  10. Unfortunately, even I know the meaning of the post. Good entry though.

  11. Hmm. Eloquently put.

  12. “They know they might stoop to the lowest level in the Hall of Shame. They know they would come off as desperate/insane/senile/unrealistic/stupid. They know that they are fighting a losing battle.”

    *why not try replacing ‘They’ with an ‘I’ instead…maybe U will view it differently.. 🙂

  13. haha old story already la..

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