Posted by: dreymer | May 31, 2007

Lost in translation

I have a couple of words to translate from English to BM and got stuck at the word ‘Bowling’. Yes, the game where you roll that heavy three-holed ball to knock down a few pins… that is if it doesn’t enter the longkang (drain) before it reaches the end. I’ve asked friends and even had my MSN display name titled ‘What is bowling in BM’. And these are the responses I got so far.

The word ‘Bowling’ in BM is…

  1. Baling bola
  2. Bermangkuk (from the verb ‘Bowl’)
  3. Bolaling

Anyone with better ideas??



  1. How about, Melempar Bola Berat?

  2. boling tenpin

    seriously. >>

  3. I tink its boling ler

    really wan

    bt i like loke’s explaination

  4. so it should be boling sepuluhpin right? not tenpin. heh!

  5. Hey, mari kita bermangkuk Jumaat ini… jom pigi.

  6. Eh I thought bermangkuk means something vulgar? erm..ok at least that sounds dirty to me. No idea how that came about but i remember some words like mangkuk = some 4-letter word. Anyway my BM already bagi balik the cikgu. This reminds me I have to fill up the form to register my newborn with the Msian embassy here so he’d have dual citizenship till 18 – & I’m been procrastinating because I dont understand the arahan in the form!

    sourrain – any recipe for shepard’s pie? i love the meat in there! yummmssss…

  7. vonne, i think the mangkuk you’re referring to is the Japanese version. Mangkuk and Cincin 😉

    I leave it up to you to guess which one is which.

  8. Mangkuk and cincin.

    Now, I recall why the not-so-innocent meaning of mangkuk sounds so familiar.

  9. Bermangkuk… could be vulgar if u wanted it to be.
    Vonne: Hahaha.. I’m sure the form can’t be that bad la. You can try Recommended by my friend
    Lokes & atti : That’s all the japanese you learnt is it????

  10. ano-wa mangkuk oishi desu neh?


  11. dreymer: i also know yamate.

  12. It’s boling, as approved by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

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