Posted by: dreymer | June 1, 2007


One night I asked myself, “what do you fear Audrey?” And I sat down and thought… and I couldn’t find an answer straight away. It had to be a quirky fear, incomprehendible to the masses.

“Was it cockroaches? Especially the ones that fly around the ceiling and when it hits the rotating ceiling fan you fear that it would smack it’s soft brown body and hairy legs on your face?”

“Well… yeah.. I fear that but it wouldn’t stop me if the best charcoal fire hokkien mee in Petaling Street is in a lorong with roaches…”

“How about other creepy crawlies… I’m sure you are afraid of ants!”

“I hate them but I wouldn’t stop myself from entering the kitchen or garden if there were ants.”

I bring this up because I wish I had  a quirky fear. I fear relationships. Does that count? (OK I admit, I have issues. Change topic.) And I know people with strange fears that I try to bring myself to understand. Maybe it is unfair to label them as “strange or quirky” but I have to because I will NEVER understand. Just like a friend who is afraid of fish scales, feathers and wings. I didn’t know to what extent on how fearful she is but we decided to test her reaction.

“Babes, since that place we wanted to go is closed… we’ve decided to go the bird sanctuary park. OK?”

In less than 2 miliseconds and more than 110 decibles

“Are you mad????” as her voice echos a thousand times

Ok. Got ya. That’s fear.

Then there’s this other friend of mine who doesn’t karaoke. Was it her pitch? Was it her monotonous voice? Was it that she was tone deaf? Or most shocking…. was she illiterate? She just doesn’t want to sing!

“Why won’t you go karaoke with us?”



“I was traumatized as a teenager. I sat for my Grade 6 practical piano exam and I was asked to sing along the tune the examiner was playing. I thought I did well until I got my results. The examiner stated that I was out of tune and I did very badly. I will do anything BUT I WILL NOT KARAOKE!”

I decided to stop probing when I noticed how hard she was clenching her glass of wine. I sure didn’t want her to make a mess.

So, do you have a strange/quirky fear that would stop you from doing something? Or did you have one that you overcame?



  1. Cicaks and frogs!

    I got traumatised many times as a child, eating at the dinner table when a cicak would decide to stick its head out from under the lazy-susan.

    Frogs can’t be explained beyond that they are slimey looking. But I’d happily eat theen-kai though!

  2. hmmmm so quiet here. I guess no one likes to talk about their fear. *salute mooiness* for she’s the first poster. Sometimes I think fear can be quite thrilling. Master it and you’ll turn fear into courage!

    I fear relationships too. Mine is currently bearable so I intend to stay in it. LOL. But things are looking brighter after I found a new reason to go on (my baby!)

  3. I am afraid of dying alone and destitute. Does that count?

    Oh, and snakes too. Can’t stand those slithery things.

  4. mooiness: Cicaks are scary meh? I find that as long as insects have a distinct face (eyes, mouth), they aren’t so scary. Unlike roaches! Frogs are very tasty in porridge. I agree with you.

    vonne: Hey, you can’t copy me and you can’t answer that! I think that fear in you have already subsided? I hope so!

    anttyk: Yes, those count but they are the “serious” type of fear that I think most of us are afraid of, anyway.

  5. out of tunes? grade 6 examiners can’t be that bad. Think the examiner had a bad day. That’s why the unlucky you failed. 🙂

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