Posted by: dreymer | June 3, 2007

A June baby

I forsee we’ll be having plenty of birthdays this month! We are starting off with Sharon’s at Bangsar’s La Bodega. It was also great meeting up with some of my ex-colleagues since our last CNY card game session at Eel’s.


Aly with her new Cleopatra do; one with the birthday grrl and with me.


We’re missing Eel, Pink and the new mommie. But Sharon, Aly, me and Annie still had a fantastic time maintaining our level of craziness…


The poses they come up with.. tsk tsk sigh 🙂


Did Sharon have a good one? Looks like a thumbs up to me! Even better when we had our dinner/supper at Nirvana. Birthday girl had her banana leaf rice, I had my usual maggie goreng, some had roti kosong except for that one person who could withstand all temptation. +5 points for good behaviour (hee hee, exclusive report for a certain girlfriend out there)




  1. its my birthday too too!

    official tak tau malu announcement to your readers so they can prepare to donate 🙂

    remember,less than 1 month now!!!!

  2. sourrain: hiau miau. so tak tau malu la u. grrr! 🙂

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