Posted by: dreymer | June 4, 2007



I have to hand it over to my grrlfriends for being so optimistic. Received a message that we’ll have breakfast at 10am on a Sunday. 10am. Who wakes up before 10am on a weekend? Can you already tell that I am not a morning person?

Breakfast Lunch at Bijou for me was a great picker upper! This new restaurant hidden amongst the condominium residential area in Mont Kiara is a wonderful find. I love how it is so white, clean and refreshing with a jolt of hot pink here and there. And my glass of chilled green apple juice just brings out more colour, doesn’t it?


Bright pink balloons on the dessert table. Clever way to entice the kids to their variety of cupcakes and scones. Every table had a little pot of fresh pink carnations. 


Since I missed the morning breakfast menu which the grrls got to enjoy, I ordered the shrimp with wasabi on sourdough with a side of salad. Perfect! It was all so green!

The sourdough toast was so thick that I could only stomached half the sandwich. Besides the shrimp mixed with wasabi (wasn’t too strong) and mayonaise filling, the toasts were layered with japanese cucumber and arugula leaves. Great combination. Absolutely enjoyed it.


The conversation was of course, very, very interesting.


Try this place out if you are in the neighbourhood. I thought it was a little pricey, the juice was RM 9 which is pretty standard but the sandwich costs me RM 20. This place is also catered for parents with kids. They have a mini playground at the side of the restaurant and stationery to keep the shorties busy. And if your little one ever needed a change of diaper, the restroom comes with a nappy changing table with complimentary disposable diapers.

Perhaps that justifies the price of their food? 🙂



  1. I will also try


  2. RM9?!???

    omg, you convert and its the same price in £££

    then again, I live in the kampung where we can smell the horse poo

  3. damn it.. since when u snapped a picture of me?? hehehehe… damn it.. too bad my cammy is out of batt. if not …..

  4. sourrain: yeah i know it’s a bit pricey too but the price of juice in most of these restaurants (catered to expats) is usually around there. eww.. horse poo. reminds me of fresno. blergh.

    gerry: when you were busy talking lor. hahaha. revenge is sweeeeeeeet!

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