Posted by: dreymer | June 6, 2007

Gingy pillow

 Because I’m a sucker for marketing gimmicks.

 Bleh 😛



  1. hahaha…don’t worry you’re not the only one…i bought it as well!!! 🙂
    i think i will the donkey one as well hehehe

  2. shuks: i’ll stop at gingy. i don’t like the shrek and shrek baby 🙂

  3. dont u feel like you wanna eat it each time you sleep?

  4. sourrain: ewww no! and have the fibre all stuck on your tongue? hehehe maybe i should get you the donkey…

  5. i think its a good gift for xmas…pls bring me to buy it when i go back in nov ok.

    but don the gingerbreadman looks good enough to eat?,i dont want to eat donkey

  6. i know…shrek and shrek baby looks kinda scaree rite…

  7. sourrain: madam, this is limited edition from McDonald’s. anyways, i’ll try to see if i’m able to get this for you if i’m at mcd’s 🙂 last i heard, the gingy sold out in mont kiara dee!!! british mcd’s don’t entice you kiddies with such cute stuffs meh?

    shuks: yah.. like green worms coming out from the pillow. yuck!

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