Posted by: dreymer | June 12, 2007

When you’re gone

I’m so upset. I’ve never felt so lost. I wished we could have done things differently. Maybe it would have changed if I’ve just given you my number. Maybe I could have visited you more often and you could tell me about your plans. We could have stayed in touch that way.

They lied to me. They didn’t want to tell me that you left.

But you did.

Nobody will ever run your fingers through my hair like you do…

Gawd dang. Is this normal reaction when your favourite hair stylist leaves the salon and you’ve no idea where’s she at now? Boo hoo 😥

Ended up, I got one of her ‘apprentices’ to do my hair. I don’t know why. Am not entirely happy. I know that if it was with her, it would have been all good. Sigh.

Janice! Where are you?



  1. Wah, drama-nya Drey. Hehehehe.

  2. ok, now where’s the new hairstyle!!!

    you drama drama but no illustration wan

  3. anttyk: when it involves hair, it can get very drama-tik!

    sourrain: what?! and camwhore like that friend of your’s?? hehehe

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