Posted by: dreymer | June 15, 2007


I appeared in a daily publication this week. Don’t worry, nothing scandalous. I pretty much just went there to say hello, drank orange cordial and *smack*…  face is on the paper. Anyway, here’s the revival of kogepan! My favourite san-x character.

Don’t you feel like a kogepan* sometimes? Burnt and toasted. Haa haa, enjoy the story about the drama kogepan undergoes if you’ve never heard of this character. It’s rather gloomy but cute nevertheless. I can’t imagine how kogepans run away from their bakery and get drunk by drinking milk. Too funny 🙂

Have a happy Friday.

*Kogepan is burnt toast in Japanese.



  1. Why cover face one?! 😛

  2. bad skin day… 😀

  3. god,i remmeber the kogepan episode you had! I still like the strawberry kogepan….looks yummers

  4. i have kogepan on my carkeys… yay!

  5. muahahha i wanna see the picture !!!i wanna see your face 🙂

  6. which daily publication?? i also wanna see 🙂

  7. cheena one ler… 😛

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