Posted by: dreymer | June 27, 2007

Greetings from positive people

I think I’ve given him the impression that I’m a sad case. He told me that he got something for me. I didn’t think he’d bother since I only got to know him about two months ago through a mutual friend. But I ended up with a book (on cupcakes, what a big fat hint for me to bake more I guess) and a card! You know those cards that start off with…

May everyday of your life

bring you fresh hopes for tomorrow,

because hope gives us all a reason for trying.

May each new day bring you a feeling of

excitement, joy and great sense of expectation,

because when you expect the best you often get it.


Sounds familiar?

I really appreciate the effort put in (shows what a great listener he is). Now I just hope he doesn’t drag me to church or something 😐

For the sake of some of us out there who wish to be given a push sometimes, here’s the rest of the wordings on the card:

May you remember always the good times and forget the bad,

because the good times remind

you of how special you life has been.

May you always experience the good things in life –

the happiness of realizing your dreams,

the joy of feeling worthwhile,

and the satisfaction of knowing you have succeeded.

May you always feel loved,

have peace within your heart

and find faith and strength

to go through challenges

every day of your life.

🙂 That’s for you.



  1. you hiding behind coconut and palm trees again ar?

    lazy to analyze already.but yes,pls bake more k.

  2. NO! Where got? Blergh.

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