Posted by: dreymer | July 1, 2007

More June babies!

If there was an award for the most boring blog, you can nominate me. Thousand apologies!! Everyone loves photos (however, the subjects are questionable) so here are some of them taken in June. Can’t believe it’s already July ain’t it?

What were you doing July of 2006? Hmm..

Elvin’s Birthday at Harbour steamboat (Sri Petaling)

After getting stuck in the KL jam for 1.5 hours, we finally got to the Harbour steamboat restaurant feeling very, very hungry. Oh, and thirsty for some Japanese beverage too. I am sure you can tell from the birthday boy’s tight grip of chilled sake. Yummas!


If you think it wasn’t enough to last us the whole night, number 0 brought a smaller bottle of Shirayaki sake. Even the misai guy from the next table was a little curious.

More liquids: Steamboat here is really good! You don’t only have the normal ching tong (clear soup) but variations of herbal broth too. We had pork broth soup boiled with red dates, goji berries and corn. The other half was spicy tomyum.


Birthday boy and number 0. Number 1 showing off his scratches which he got when he was robbed that afternoon! Poor guy. If it isn’t a curse already that he is stick thin, a guy on a bike came down with a parang and demanded he hand over his laptop. The smart thing to do was to surrender, which he did of course. The robbers must have thought it was just funny to bully the skinny kid and pushed him down. Kinda like, ‘one for the road’ before zooming off on his kapchai. Sigh. Really hate these thieves.


Besides the variety of broth and ingredients in Harbour, you’ll be ‘entertained’ with the scribbles on the wall of the restaurant. You could write whatever you want, as long as it’s done ‘tastefully.’ Like this one here (the one with the ‘fro):

Also dining with us were Say Nee, Desmond and HH. Of course dinner didn’t just end there with Elvin coming out with weird poses like this one. 

After that, we had dessert at a store nearby that serves thong sui. I had the fah sang woo which was pretty good actually. The night didn’t just end there. Let’s just say that I really enjoyed driving the Mitsubishi Triton and that sago lolo in and out looks and smells different.

Hehehehe… Happy Birthday Elv!


GKL’s Birthday

We had steamboat (what’s with steamboat this year man) at GKL’s bachelorette pad. Via email, the girls were planning what to bring and what not during the week. Finally when it was d-day, Gerry came over to prepare meancakes with me.

STEAMBOAT. It was like a sauna in GKL’s place.


Then it was the cake time. The masters of Scrabble got ready to unjumble the letters to spell…


Gangil? Haha.. well, GKL’s kinda weird sometimes.. Umm, girls but I think Lan Gai King is so salah. Sounds like the ah beng with gold streaks from Kepong.


Finally! Abbreviations that make sense!


Then it’s the birthday grrl’s camera chik-chak moments…




Thiya and Tricia; Seira and Jil


Shuks and Dreymer; Gerry and Seira


Speaking of dilusional, it’s a G right?? Not a 9! Maybe I’m just bad at cream penmanship. If you think that’s a 9 then you are more likely to recognize the person between G and Thiya? Can can can?


Jil brought the coffee cake from Jerome’s that never goes wrong. Double yums.

Don’t cha love those candles? G got them from Bangkok. Perhaps that could be another item on your shopping list?

Happy Birthday Sweets!

Hope you had a good one! 



Sister’s Birthday

Don’t know how many birthday dinners, lunches and cakes she had this year!

Was it 3 lunches? 2 dinners? 3 cakes? Or…?

Kinda lost count half way. Here’s one of the mommie and son at my house.

Was a litle hesitant to have the saliva-induced birthday cake. Thanks to Ian.



Mili’s Birthday

Another year that she’s away and couldn’t celebrate with my weekday afternoon gossip-buddy. El cheapo me could only afford to call her for 2 mins on my mobile. Haha! Might as well don’t call right?

Since I have don’t have a recent pic, I dug out some pics of us partying in HK back in 2004. Crazy, CRAZY trip.




  1. im last im last!!!

    2 min better than nothing….next time just let me know and I can call you k – damn cheap for me to call lor.

  2. sourrain: basket. if it’s so damn cheap you should call me all the time mah.. boo hoo! and you didn’t even call me on my birthday! LOA! 🙂

  3. thanks drey for the yummy lunch. Now I feel old… or am I the oldest here? wait…. I AM!

  4. happy bday mili… oh well, its better to be last. Noticed how all important duo names come last, like Simon and Garfunkel, Bonnie and Clyde, Samson and Delilah. btw its delilah next to me and thiya… 🙂 and its still a 9g

  5. I like rude cupcakes. KNN? Hehehehehee.

  6. oh ok lor..i will call u this weekend..

    i sent u card on ur birthday maaaaa..hehehe.

    okok i shall call u this weekend.make sure you have gossip for me ok.

  7. anttyk: HAHA, wanna order?? We can make other rudemeancakes too!

    mils: aunty, never read my blog ah. i’m going to BKK this weekend. call me the weekend after!

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