Posted by: dreymer | July 2, 2007

Banana Republic

Don’t worry, it’s not another banana cake recipe. 

The name Banana Republic (BR) brings such fond memories. When I was fourteen years old, as an awkward geek in the eight grade in Seattle, my Korean nemesis Carole Shin and I would often speak of that brand like it was the crème de la crème of clothing line. To us, it was the Birkenstock of sandals. Surely you’d understand when my allowance back then was a measely $20 per week and it was utter joy just to shop at ‘Payless Shoe Source’, ‘Mervyn’s’ and ‘Sears’ (urgh, the horrors!)

So it was only when I was in Cali when I had more than a $20 allowance to shop. At that time, they did not have a store in Fresno so we did our shopping at 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica. That was when Brandon, Elv and I took a trip down to LA during the Thanksgiving weekend sale. I got myself an army green dress (which my mom felt sad whenever I wore coz it felt as though I was being drafted for war) and a black trench coat. Each piece costed only $39.90 before tax! What a bargain!

When I found out that they were bringing the label in Malaysia, I was half-ecstatic. Exuberated because there’ll be an additional variety of boutiques in KL but not looking forward to shopping because I think the prices would be ridiculous. And I know there’ll never have crazy mark downs like what they have in the States. Just take Gap as comparison! You’d never get $1.99 pyjamas in Gap Malaysia!

BR launched their first boutique in KLCC last Friday. Entertained by this musical duo. Nice.


And a couple of Chardonnays after …the fashion show.

Sean Ghazali crooning ala Michael Buble.



After dinner at Nippon Tei, Aly and I joined the rest at Nerovivo for pannecotta. Served on a square dish, there were two blobs of vanilla custard covered with melted chocolate. Soft, smooth and melts in your mouth with every scoop. I’ll go back for more anytime! So good!


Oh! Before I forget, here’s the BR doorgift. Slowly… slowly untying the ribbon to reveal the mystery item.. (don’t need so drama, drey!)



Ta-da! It would be kinda pathetic to make a martini for one, right?



  1. WAH not bad got cocktail shaker! should have given you discount coupons instead hor….

  2. sourrain: they did. it was a 20% discount on anything valid on THAT day only. what a load of …. (refrains from profanities). but quite a fun idea to give out cocktail shaker. maybe i can make teh ais shake or something 🙂

  3. now u can make martini for all of us lor :>

  4. eh you were there? me too!!!
    how come i didn’t spot you one hehe, i bump into Patrina as well…remember her?
    but the door gift was not too bad 🙂

  5. gerry: don’t know how to make! easier if we went out to drink hahaha

    shuks: eh yahlor hor.. didn’t bump into you eventhough the place was so small. i was at the left side of the stage. yaya, i think i saw her but wasn’t sure it was her.

  6. Shakensh notsh shtirredsh. Thank yoush. I’m Sean Connerysh.

    A bit bit drunk. *hic*

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