Posted by: dreymer | July 3, 2007

1A Crispy Puffs! Me likey!

I first tried 1A Crispy Puffs in Singapore. They have a branch in Takashimaya and you know how Singaporeans are when something good and new arrives; endless raves about it and endless queues.

Now they are finally here in Malaysia! Right where I am too.. Damansara Utama, a few shop lots from Village Park.

Unlike most curry puffs, this one comes in a shell pastry. The pastry breaks off with every bite.


I ordered the regular chicken curry puff. Generous with chicken pieces, potatoes and egg, the fillings were moist and not too spicy. I prefer this than Chan Kee’s. For RM2.60 per piece, I thought it was rather steep but you definitely get the quality. They should really reconsider the price seeing that you can get just as good curry puffs a few shoplots away that costs only RM0.80

Besides chicken curry, they do have both sweet and savoury puffs like sardine, black pepper chicken, yam and………


If you love durians, you might want to give this a try. You get the same shell pastry like the regular puffs, but instead of meat, it’s filled with durian cream.

A little too jelak to have one whole piece for yourself, so it’s best to just share it out (and share the fats!)




    whats that square thing on the poor currypuffs?Yumm,i like them flaky pastry with layers and layers of oil..yumyum.

    I think curry puffs should always be chicken.

  2. sourrain: the square thing is like a ‘chop’ on the curry puff to differentiate what’s the inti inside lor. the green ‘chop’ is black pepper chicken.

    yah but all curry puffs must have hard boiled eggs.

  3. My colleagues don’t really like the puffs. Pricey wor…

  4. anttyk: they don’t like the taste or the price? i’m sure if they got it for free, they would like it… you got try or not? so near your place only..

  5. i’m starting to hate reading your blog cos it makes me wish i had things like shell pastry curry puffs where i am. 😦


  6. senhon! i can’t DHL karipaps lor… 🙂

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