Posted by: dreymer | July 4, 2007

Inside looking out

I don’t know what to write so I copied what she did. Tsk.. not copy la, but get some inspiration. Fua ha ha..

This is what I see from my room that I hardly sleep in…



  1. ahahhahahahaaha

    I was wondering how come your sister’s house replaced by trees..then i realized.

  2. i wanna see the view in the room :> but nice view though

  3. sourrain: yeah, can’t you see her house?when we said we live adjacent to each other, i didn’t say it was just a couple a meters away hahaha

    gerry: there’s REALLY nothing in my room. but i think BKK can help me with that!

  4. sourrain: we are tree people…. my son’s the monkey who climbs up and get us our supply of coconut. hehehe

  5. no I was hoping for the view of the cendol man

    atti2de: Yah that one is quite true.Yummm..coconut….

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