Posted by: dreymer | July 5, 2007

The benefits of taking pics in restaurants

No… not only does it remind you why you’ve put on 10lbs in the past 6 months or it would annoy your boring dinner date but because restaurants:

1) Think you are a food critic!

Talk about good service, we celebrated an early Father’s Day at Tony Roma’s in the Curve. After we were done with our meal, Mr Manager came up to us with the usual FAQs: How’s the food? Do you like it? Have you tried this before? etc

Then came the question:

“Do you have room for dessert?”

We shook our head in unison.

“No no, maybe another time. We are too full.”

Mr Manager didn’t give up.

“But you have to try our desserts. We recommend either the cheesecake or apple crisps. Give it a try. It’s on the house.”

And then suddenly, our digestive enzymes were kicking in.  We ALL had room for dessert.

“Apple Crisps please!”


Even the monster had his own dessert. Chocolate mousse with a layer of crushed oreos that resembled gravel. And two little gummy coloured worms hiding under the ‘dirt’. How cute! 🙂

2) Mess up the bill sometimes

Fussy pot never quite understood why I took pictures everytime we went out to eat.

Drove all the way to KL on a weekday to have Japanese. Typical of Singaporeans, Ms Fussy is a major critic. The last time I recommended Ninja Jones to her,  she still managed to find something negative  to say about the restaurant. So I wanted to see what’s so great about Tosaya, the diner that she frequents in Wisma Cosway.

We ordered the Tamago, just the egg without the rice. But when the bill came, eight slices of eggs were charged at RM 24! Ridiculous! We told the waitress that our’s weren’t sushi but just the egg. She couldn’t understand what we were saying and because our order was not from the menu so we couldn’t pinpoint to her which dish.

And was when I saved the night! I took out my beautiful schnazzy red cam and showed her the evidence. Now she understood! 

They overcharged us by RM 10 and now Ms Fussy understands the importance of taking pictures of every dish! Ha! She can’t roll her eyes anymore 🙂 Yeah I know, it’s hard to count the number of egg slices when there’s also cleavage to distract you. Oh well.


Less than 24 hours to BKK


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